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Terris Cleary
Pastry Chef, Recipe Developer, & Food Blogger
Pastry Chef, Recipe Developer, & Food Blogger

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This is dairy-free sweetened condensed milk that I posted on my blog.  I'm not very confident about my food styling skills, so I usually opt for simple, but I'm wondering if this verges on boring? 
Also, is this too tight a composition?
Natural light from two windows (I shoot in a corner).  One window is to the side and one behind. White bounce to the right of the camera.
Nikon D50 / 50mm 1:1.4
f/2.5  ISO: 400

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Hi everyone, It's my first time sharing, so let me know if I don't do this correctly!  I would love some constructive criticism.  I seem to have a hard time fitting everything into the frame.  I'm thinking I need a different lens but this is the only one I have for low light settings.  Thank you!

Cinnamon-Plum Pop Tarts

Camera and lens: Nikon D50 / 50mm 1:1.4
f/ 5.6, ISO 800
Low light, indoors, near a window with a white bounce

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I asked my family if they wanted a special Valentine's Day dessert and they all begged for the easiest recipe I know!  Love them!

Thank you for the invite Jeanine!  I'm trying to figure out Google+ so hopefully I can take a look around here.  :)
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