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Bert JW Regeer
A computer programmer with a knack for solving difficult problems.
A computer programmer with a knack for solving difficult problems.

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This video is beautiful:

It also reminds me that I am going to be part of that time period, that is between the start of space exploration (and going to the moon/launching the ISS and more) and the time that space exploration becomes possible for the human race as a whole.

It is doubtful that in my lifetime it will be possible to travel to the moon and possibly even stay there on a vacation. It is even more doubtful that we will have the necessary technology to travel the vast distance to mars, or even further. I wish I could see the red planet with my own eyes, that I could fly by Jupiter, see Saturns rings and it's moons, or visit the milky way.

I know that unless we manage to somehow catastrophically get wiped out (by our own doing most likely) eventually we will have the technology, and Star Trek will become a reality. I sadly can only strive to help bring technology forward to help make it there; I won't be there to see it actually happen.

Whenever I look at pictures of space, I can only think about how small and insignificant we are as the human race, and how much there is yet to be discovered. There is no way that with the vastness of space, and how little we know about it, that we are the only intelligent species. We may think we are intelligent however it is entirely possible that compared to what is out there we are considered the equivalent of ants and not worth communicating with.

May we find peace and solace in that we have only been around for a couple of milliseconds on the cosmic time scale, and have so much left to learn, and who knows what breakthroughs we can help bring forth and foster as a human race.

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Just watched the video about +Jessi Lang's terrible accident on the Autobahn and her recovery. Her recovery is not yet over, but from looking at her G+ account it looks like she is well on her way!


That moment she talks about those mere seconds before the car crash and the seconds afterwards almost immediately had me flash back to my two car accidents. I've replayed both accidents in my mind so many times, not because I wanted to, and it is somewhat comforting to me that someone else experienced something similar, although I would never wish anyone to be in a car accident.

I feel so incredibly lucky that unlike Jessi in my two car accidents I walked away. The first with no injuries thanks to my room mates Audi A4 which protected me, and the second with only a dislocated clavicle thanks to my Subaru Impreza.

Good luck on the road to recovery!

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Google's Auto Awesome did make this picture pretty damn awesome. Love the way it modified the colours on this car.

Saw this car at Costco, and it looked like it was VERY meticulously maintained. Paint on it was perfect, recently waxed, interior didn't have any rips, and the leather looked like old leather but like it was definitely maintained.

Would love to own a car like this =)

Corporate policies that hinder or impede an engineers work are considered damage and are summarily routed around…

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2013 Subaru Impreza Sport Limited
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The Netherlands wins 2 - 0 against Chile! What a great game, two fantastic goals, and we win the group!

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Hup Holland, Hup! Maak er een mooi spel van! #WorldCup2014
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