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Nuraini Ghaifullah
awkward but warm
awkward but warm


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it feels like winter
tho the sun is shining
but i feel cold inside..
the remnants of
the warmth of your hugs
linger on my fingers..

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i may be a little house fly
but i could go
wherever i want
whenever i want
i may live in lesser time
but i can decide
where i want to go
when i want to go
i maybe a house fly
but i have my freedom

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We all need
A place where the light enter
Too many darkness surrounds
Too little light get through
The thick thickets of dejection,
Depression, sadness, animosity..
Let's open up and let the light in
before we forgot in the darkness to come..

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Home is where my little girl is, curled next to her daddy, snoring softly.
Where my son is, bent on finishing his homework, worrying over his weight and pimples.
Where my husband is, being both mom and dad to our children while I am away..
Home is where my aching heart long to be
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Google Plus asks:
What's new with you?

phew... after so long of putting G+ aside, so many things happened. Let's see, I stopped taking Luvox altogether, I have high BP now T_T, I am no longer working in Batu Gajah and the best things is I am where I want to be now.
No, not this place in this photo (Menara Prisma, Presint 3, Putrajaya) :D
I am currently on 2 years leave from work to further study in Master of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, today marked the 3rd day of the first week I am here.
There are so many things that I have in my 2 years bucket list and almost all of them related to my long term career planning. I finally have the freedom to go and get what I need to acquire for my future planning. I am so excited and passionate about it.
The downside is I have to be apart for awhile from my family, especially my little angel.. it's hard a night before sleep, I am so used to having one of her leg draped over my body as if making sure I would be there anytime she opened her eyes. Being such sunny, good-natured girl as she is, my husband said she didn't really affected me not being there, of which I am quite relieved.. my young man kept me updated of his activities everyday - I know he misses me as much :D
It's hard..but I am grateful for this opportunity for personal growth and skills development.
Here's to the future :)
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Her smiles make me smile and feel better. Her laugh is enfectious and bring forth the river of joy. Her heart is pure and true, an innocent being uncorrupted. Above all I love that she is my daughter..

#daughter #love
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wouldn't it be awesome to find yourself living around nature.. tress.. sky.. clouds... solitude....<3

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Set me free..

- Parrot at Flamingo by the beach, Penang

More photos in Instagram. I find it more user friendly and less bugs compared to G+ on my phone. Also, less cluttered feeds.. so if you're on Insta i am angiebuyong
Have a great weeken, nonetheless and may the spirit of life embraces you in all its beauty and splendour.

(I don't participate much in stories tho.. nor am I in snapchat)
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A bit out of the usual landscape rules, but I still like it anyway. The morning that I could have missed if I didn't go out walking today.
It's easy to point what is wrong or right about something, but actually it is easier to be nice about it and acknowledge a person's effort even if it is not world-class
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I watch him grow
I seen him cried
I hold his hand when he failed
I cheer him on when he strives
I am here for him..
when he smile
when he laugh
when he cries
when he hurts
when he is angry
when he is happy
when he is down
I will be here..
Dear God..
Let me be here, always.....

- On the rare moments my son took me walking around the neighbourhood...
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