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^_^ once upon a time...
#selfie #photowalk #throwbacktuesdayjustbecause  
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Thank you very much +Marie Hélène Visconti
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<3 +Edith Kukla made this great circles of photographers. Check 'em out and be awed! Better yet - be awesome and get included too!
<3 happy weekend y'all!!
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Long time ago after my last circle sharing! Here is No. 1 of 4 photographer circles. All include a lot of the best photographers in G+. So I can say TOP CIRCLES!
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Nuraini Ghaifullah

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+Ronnie Ventura : Our cat Lacey - half-Persian, half domestic longhair - punched above her weight tonight, and definitely earned her keep.

She actually somehow, coaxed this snake out from under the fridge. Alhamdulillah ... if not for her, we wouldn't have known there's one anywhere in the house.

Love you to bits, Lacey!

** I was sleeping in the bedroom with my baby when this happened! Just found out in my hubby's Facebook when i woke up. Alhamdulillah!!
Thank God for Lacey! <3
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i'm not an expert either, and i admit i did googled up, and although the triangular shape is not a sure way of identifying whether the snake is venomous or not, it is interesting to note that Missouri Dept of conversation stated that "Although the venomous snakes have a somewhat triangle-shaped head.. ", just to be careful on our side that is. We didnt kill the snake tho, although it is very unnerving.. i dont like snake.. but we prefer to remove the snake as fast as possible.. it probably lost or something..
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God own canvas.
Morning in Kota Warisan captured with iPhone.

#sunrise #morning #friday #alhamdulillah #spiritual #atawe #kotawarisan
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+Muhamad Muhaimin terima kasih ^_^
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Ka Ar
Buil up bird great your life 
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Nuraini Ghaifullah

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Because everyone matters! Please see what you guys can think of and share in the original post.
You guys rock! Thank you!
Hey people - Strange one but a very important one for me.

My daughter is disabled and has recently been given splints to help her start to walk. She's never been able to wear shoes other then ones given to her to help her feet, and they have been very unfeminine huge boots. 

So I am calling on the community to see if someone more skilled could design something or make some vinyl graphics just to make them more girly for her. You can help just by sharing the post and hopefully someone that can help will see it.

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What is the underlying so she can't walk?
Actually, the splint can design by isert it to the shoes so they will look more beautyfull.
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Nuraini Ghaifullah

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I only heard your name yesterday,
I'll be frank,
Tho i learn about you through a tragedy,
Those who know you,
I can ses the impact you had on them,
Exceptional, loving and charismatic -
These are the main nature of you
That your friends remember
Such a tragedy..
I can't imagine the immense sadness
Your family has to face
Such magnitude of loss..
Rest in peace, Capt. Cliff Fournier..
Fly high...

For the victims of Semenyih helicopter crash, 4th April 2015

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+Alexandre Fagundes de Fagundes i found out that he is a friend to a friend, and his passing was very hard on him.. I pray that all affected shall find peace in their heart..
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+Eric Delcour Thank you very much ^_^
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Found this little fella when out walking during our last days in Putrajaya. What caught my eyes was that the head and the tail look alike. This guy stood quietly, letting me, crouching with camera and shaky hands, try to capture her. It had been so long since I use my Canon baby.
Anyway, I googled and think that this here is probably of Lycaenid species. Any #butterfly or #moth experts here?
Would be interesting to know.

+HQSP Natural Other +Macro4All +NATURE & MACRO Photos 
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Selfie @ forty

Embracing the awesomeness of 40something.

#selfie #selfieat40 #40something #grateful #alhamdulillah #lifeatforty
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+Liz C Thank you dear Liz! My birthday was last month tho ^_^ 
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Nuraini Ghaifullah

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Crazy things some alternative/organic food lovers say 😂One lady said something about almond, cashew nuts and rice milk are from nature. Another comment that cow is from nature too, whence the lady replied quite convincingly :
But cow is animal.

Tell me when does science say that animal is NOT Nature?? 😂😂😂
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I am the co-curator for +Daily Depth of Field with Vince Ong, Virgil Cowen and f.a.fiebig, a page where we share photos with shallow depth of field.

I am married now after surviving 11 years of single-motherhood :D

I love photography. Though I am not a professional photographer, I enjoy taking photos.  My photos maybe not of sterling quality, but at least they are mine :)

I am a bit of an idealist - ya know... World peace. Humanity. Respect. Love. Understanding. Acceptance. It would be awesome if we could achieve all that.. wishful thinking? I don't know.. 

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A mother to a 12 years old kiddo - 11 years raising him as a single mom, survive ride down Cameron Highland under heavy downpour and dark night on my Scooter. Recently a proud mother to my baby girl, Hannah ;) i love my little family ❤️
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