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Moved my earlier  #ThreatList  to a Google Doc for easier viewing and sharing.
UW - Threat List
UW - Threat List

As I start to read through the rules and wrap my head around some of the game's concepts, I thought it would be useful to brainstorm some basic threats. This has helped me think through how threats would act and respond (if intelligent) in different situations.

This also is the beginning of a grab bag of threats I can draw upon for reference during play.

I figured I would share the few I have created so far. Hopefully this will spark some interest in others doing the same.

Feel free to leave feedback about content or formatting. 


  - X >> Y: Order of agendas. This is the order of behavior that the threat will typically follow depending on the narrative. Failing to deal with the current agenda of a threat could result in it escalating based on the next behavior.
  - Intelligent threat states: These are used as guidelines for ways to modify an intelligent threat's agendas based on its current behavioral state.
    - Default: Default behavior of the threat when they are not being attacked, suspicious, or on alert.
    - Alert: Behavior of threat when they are suspicious or on alert.
    - Threatened: Behavior of a threat when are threatened. Typically reserved for combat.

[Security System]
  - Agenda: Track and expose target

[Shock Troop]
  - Agenda:
    - Default: Follow orders >> Complete mission objective
    - Alert: Investigate >> Raise the alarm!
    - Threatened: Surpress and flank enemy >> Incapacitate enemy
  - Gear
    - Assault Carbine (class 2 +rifle +2-handed +close/far +rapid fire +stabilized)
    - Combat blade (class 0 +melee +severing)
    - Ceramaplate armor (class 2 uniform +2-armor[armored] +comms)
[Detention Center Guard]
  - Agenda:
    - Default: Detain prisoners, Follow routine
    - Alert: Call for backup-up >> Investigate >> Raise the alarm!
    - Threatened: Fallback to defensive positions >> Wait for reinforcements or opportunity >> Incapacitate enemy
  - Gear
    - Shock baton (class 1 +melee +shock +stun)
    - Shock Pistol (class 2 +pistol +1-handed +adjacent/close +stun +shock)
    - Body armor(class 1 uniform +1-armor[meshweave])

  - Agenda:
    - Default: Access system undetected >> complete objective (retreive data, falsify data, corrupt data, hide data, inject virus, inject spyware)
    - Alert: Prevent trace (obfuscate: falsify data/misdirect) >> complete objective
    - Threatened: Prevent trace (brute force: crash system)

[Undercover Agent (Disruptor/Agitator)]
  - Agenda:
    - Default: Gain trust >> Sow discord
    - Alert: Misdirect attention
    - Threatened: Escape

[Bounty Hunter]
  - Agenda:
    - Default: Track target >> Incapacitate target >> Return target to client
    - Alert: 
    - Threatened:

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John Rogers  (of Leverage fame) wrote CrimeWorld for Evil Hat Productions as part of their Fate Worlds: Worlds in Shadow book. While written for Fate Core, it has a wonderful way of generating the elements of jobs that could easily be adapted to Blades in the Dark sessions. 

You can get it in PDF form at DriveThruRPG for $7.50 (US). Well worth it.


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Lots of great 7p scale vehicles here.  Not sure how I've missed this in the past.

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I found this (and a few others) during one of my flickr trawling sessions.  I haven't bricked one up, but they look like great 7p scale frames.
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