Casually read on a forum ... just finished reading funny news ... just do not know .... but that said more than discomfort in people too ... right up to the news for everyone to help warm memories

I do apologize for not fulfill the task of an `ELF

The love of me, I'm sorry that you well, because I was not protecting him, to four anti stigma of his dirty, huhuhu I was crying a lot of you are bit hok, my tears are down the keyboard, I do not understand why it is that we are the anti of my oppa, DM anti all here. We have bits of you suffer as hard as he would `not? Bow I have? show love, he was sorry for the `ugly?? / humiliate male duck I have?? I love apples Korean flag on Yaho as thie is ugly? I read a few posts, but screw that Suju insult us more than I condemn anti worthy!!!!!!! Please admin delete all his posts a few anti come!!! He taught you ask!

ANTI ANTI martial arts Palsy

all these words I wrote 'I was reading you're done with all four anti suju's it, I should not be alert enough not to write things, or, excuse the ELF nhe'

Tears to my parents for when you lose you. Do you feel no tears when crying charge for 13 months crazy you do not know. Spare vl

Three me. `intelligent` da ma ~ loss to cry '! Crying' for 13 star `ma exam non oppa 'is., i see stars. `do not know, the '` I'll always be in my heart, always be ^ n `smart!!!!

What kind of world this would not have banished unjustly Where be! "Humiliate the male ducks were so" oh, can not believe there like a Vietnam / p>

j `vn there to that proud, very dirty van leprosy pirated goods. etc. More Nhe Korea, a country beautiful modern humans documents the MIH Lih, vn hok = 1 part. j `I wish the Korean baby?

Oh my friend, is sure that what 13 you've offered here. Elf-waist fans blindly. Who knows, they also hate elf-eo not vn back to Vietnam long term

Then you `j Grilled bit about his departure, having elf he ever talk?

My friend, you said it so u? What about the past 4000 years of history ALL the heroic defeat the most powerful enemies, why? Then there was the indomitable spirit of honor rather die than live flesh, fight hard for freedom, why? Well tired, told the stupid things like this buffalo gay ear. MAP MAKING QUALITY! The machine does not deserve a VIETNAM PEOPLE! Unworthy MAY MAKE A MAN!

it is the opinion of MIH, MIH get vn, have HQ, which means hok hok get respect, I still respect the history vn, but MIH `hate 'vn!

The fuck, immediately suggested that much of the prepared fro the throw shit whore is a collective

try!! vn to t j is the return to love both

As the country where you born here? PERSON MAY NOT deserve VIETNAM! Misspelled, VIETNAMESE insult!

Born his parents but born hok vn to MIH, who missed MIH welding tools, why?

Him the tools so you do you in Vietnam?

Maybe from welding equipment or hydrophobic to be here from some TRC century ', one bit is

My sympathy to his mother of the mad and

Crazy fans that are you? vn that make you love is crazy and then your

I love Vietnam, my country, there is nothing wrong about you ... requirements that identify themselves as traitors to the country here. I do not love their country who love it. That patriotism is crazy you? What kind of crazy as you worthy of being called crazy.

This is a testament to the cultural invasion of South Korea has reached the level it makes people turn away from his homeland where his own ancestors had lived and this stick from thousands of life Risk ... shall have the responsibility welding four shovels so wicked, charge potential of our country are not in terminal node crushed like this

Only a few years hoping that consumption of human and make mistakes like this will be grown and nhanthuc problems and think more thoroughly to see what is right from wrong ... hope it happens

Reading this is frustrating to her death .... well then .... take k too breakable go brain dead ...... oh the sun is fleeting parents ... Suju's all =))
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