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Magnus Hølvold
Some Norwegian dude entertaining in the UK.
Some Norwegian dude entertaining in the UK.

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An iPad game I'm in has started getting reviews in, and this one's cracking! :D

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# Friday! Friday! 
# Gotta listen to ToT on Friday! 
# Everybody's lookin' forward to the stories, stories!

No no no! Come back! There's a good reason I quoted Rebecca Black! 

Okay, there wasn't, but LOOK! A new Telling of Tales is up! Steven Ormosi's There And Back. (It's a horror, so that makes it related, right?)

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Yesterday's episode of Telling of Tales features a story by +Bram E. Gieben, a multitalented man by all accounts! Have a listen and share with all your friends if you like what you hear! :)

Watching Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. It's interesting to note that despite modern games still not being able to do certain rendering tricks that pre-rendered films from back then already could and still missing the resolution, poly-count and anti-aliasing quality afforded by pre-rendered animations, there are many ways in which games now are on a par or better than FF:TSW.

Character designs look bland and flat. Kratos in God of War, Starkiller in Force: Unleashed and Joel in The Last of Us are much more "specific-looking" (in the case of Starkiller, he was based directly off Sam Witwer, of course, but still) and they look... Grittier. More organic. Their textures include pores and wrinkles FF:TSW just doesn't handle.

The lip sync, always tricky, is now barely on a par with the best games animations, which have made progress by leaps and bounds over the last few years. In The Last of Us, characters gulp and you see their throat move. They scrunch up their face and wrinkles appear that weren't visible before. This sounds like not so much, but they're the little details that bring you into the game, making The Last of Us the most visually arresting game I've ever played along with being emotionally engaging.

Aki, the main character in FF:TSW, as surprisingly beautiful hair for its time, but even that is coming close to being matched by games like Tomb Raider when played on high-end systems.

Game developers are getting incredibly good at "cheating" and finding ways to render certain things in real time that look like fantastic facsimiles of movie renderings despite the fact that they're not actually doing the same thing. This next generation of AAA games coming up is going to be interesting to watch. (And so are the indie games as they find ways to cheaply make use of the new technologies. Like Sui Generis, for example)

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A new episode of Telling of Tales is coming through the RSS feeds! Fwoosh!

Holy crikeynuts, I just managed to completely twist my own tongue. My biggest point of weakness in English (especially American) diction is alternating Vs and Ws like "very well", for example. So I made a tongue twister with V and W to practice on since i couldn't find any. Try this one on for size!

"The unvariably wilful worry-wart Wilhelm* waggled warily over a very wobbly rock in a woodland valley.

If Wilhelm's wary waggle will vary overwhelmingly, Wilhelm's wellies might very well slip and volley Wilhelm swiftly from the valley's vertex to the woeful vortex below."

* German name, so pronounced "Vilhelm".

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So this is what I've been doing lately. My audiobook podcast Telling of Tales is on the fourth episode of the second season, and a new episode is out TODAY! Go check it out!

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Oh hi, Google Plus!

How're things going in G+ land? I've been a bit gone for a while as I kind of gave up a bit. Is it more or less active than before?

I do sometimes wonder why nerds like me get so massively worked up when we discuss Star Wars, then I remember that it's because it's fun to get so worked up about something so completely inconsequential as a series of sci-fi films made in the 70s and 80s (and I guess something happened a couple decades later as well)

I could get angry about racial/ gender/ sexual/ financial inequality. I could get pissed about war. I could get worked up about the destructive scrotums who make life hell for others. And I DO. Frequently. But sometimes I need a vacation from that. Sometimes I need to care about something that doesn't matter just so I won't want to kill myself.
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