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A Native American proverb says “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. As a community, we need to learn to value and treasure our environment. So when should environmental education begin – in the 3rd grade; 1st grade; kindergarten? We believe, at the earliest. Schools are a place to teach students about environmental issues, preparing them to be good stewards for the environment. Experiences that connect students to real life issues play a critical role in shaping life-long attitudes, values, and patterns of behaviour toward natural environment. To embark on this journey of learning to appreciate our environment, our students were at Leisure Valley Park to plant saplings under the guidance of experts and teachers. The students were informed about the plants and their uses. An unexpected outcome of the visit was the students taking the initiative to clear up the Leisure Valley of poly bags. While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Way to go kids !!!
Kunskapsskolan - for a Green Gurgaon
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Sneak in Some Science

Science experiments are fun learning games that will delight any child. Watching how the world works is much more fun when it's something you've created yourself. Help kids explore the natural world, test cause and effect, and see how smart designs lead to clever inventions.

Here are some cool science experiments.

Build an insect TV:
Whether your child is fascinated or freaked out by bugs, this is the perfect post-hike or -picnic activity: Capture an insect and make it the star attraction for a couple of hours. Cut a rectangular opening in the lid of a cardboard shoebox and tape clear plastic wrap over it. Poke small holes in the box, then add water sprinkled dirt and twigs inside.

Kids learn how to observe the natural world (even the most bug-phobic child can relax enough to watch from a safe distance). For a little extra credit, have kids go online to discover what the bug eats and how it fits into the food chain. Don’t forget to let the insect go after a while.

Make ice balloons:
The next time your kids have a water balloon fight, save one and stick it in the freezer. After a couple of days, peel off the balloon. Stand the ice ball on a lit flashlight and let your child examine the ice with a magnifying glass. (This is supercool to do in a dark room.) Try different experiments: Place a drop of water on the ice ball and observe (the droplet freezes); let him sprinkle the ice with salt and watch what happens (the ice melts); float it in a bowl of water. Kids learn the chemical properties of water — why it freezes, why it melts — along with lessons in density (that’s physics!).

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Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fears

Kids develop fears rather quickly and easily if you are not there to correct them. Kids are afraid of the dark because of the unknown. Kids that are raised early on with the realization that the dark is wonderful and fun react differently. Generally, childhood fears are based on poor information being allowed to perpetuate in your kid’s head.

Here are some ways to get rid of them:

Accept that to the child, they are real:
The very last thing a scared child wants to hear is that their fears are not real or silly. To them they feel completely real. If you are going to help them, you have to meet them where they are at. Once they feel validated, you can then work on showing them the truth.

Don’t attempt to embarrass them out of the behavior:
"Grow up" sometimes is a method that parents use to get children get over their fears. It also happens to be the worst. Kids are not going to stop fearing something just because people laugh at them or make fun of them. That will only intensify the problem. Even little jokes can cause major problems. Let the kid know that you understand and you once had childhood fears too.

Allow them to take baby steps:
Baby steps are much easier for a kid than diving in full force. If they have a fear of the dark, don’t force them to sleep in the dark right out of the gate. Have them start with the light on dim, or with a really bright night light. Then work your way back. Kids will slowly adapt Talk to them about the process. Allowing them to discuss it will disarm it in many ways. They will start to see the inaccuracies and the fact that they are really safe.

Pay attention to what is happening in the child’s life:
Childhood fears usually reflect some type of reality in a kid’s life at the time. Really think about what is going on around them, and you can usually find the root cause of the problem. Divorce, parental troubles, moving to a new home and reading a particularly scary story or watching a scary movie can all be traumatic to a kid. It can create fears that linger. Talk to them and be that life line that brings them to safety when they are scared.

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I am Lisa Ruchi Grønnvoll Raheja, the Admission Counselor of #KunskapsskolanGurgaon.

I belong to the land of the midnight sun and the Northern light, Norway, Scandinavia but India stole my heart more than a decade ago. I love the colors, culture and people of this country and now India is my homeland.

While living in Norway I studied Music, Dance, Drama then continued my studies in India in Media, Documentary and Still photography. I worked as a free lancer on various shoots till I joined the culture department at Epicentre. Managing artists from different parts of India and the world was a great experience.

And then Kunskapsskolan came along.

I knew of Kunskapsskolan from my time in Norway. A big concern that all parents in this world share is good education for their children. So when Kunskapsskolan opened up, what better place to admit my little girl ,knowing that she would grow up with the best of both worlds.

I love the concept of letting your child develop at her own pace, letting her explore, fall and rise again, letting her express and see this little flower develop her own personality, with a strong base to support her through rest of her life.

I am a strong believer of the KED program and seeing Kunskapsskolans’ children excited with their new way of learning, gives me great pleasure.

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I am Simran , the base group teacher for pre nursery C. I graduated with the first batch from The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon and completed my Honours degree in Journalism from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. I began my career within the Indian Media (Advertising and Television and Radio), but it was while volunteering at a village school for the underprivileged that I felt I'd found my heart and so quit to work with children.

After undergoing Education For Life Teacher Training at the Ananda Institute, California I interned at Living Wisdom School near Nevada City before returning in 2009 to help set up and run a pre & primary school called Dihika Living Wisdom in Gurgaon. I like finding the essence of things, the colours of bubbles and how paints mix with each other and sharing this wonder with my students.


I teach because I saw something within me that needed change.
I teach because I can no longer watch passive from the sidelines as love, compassion and cooperation dwindle in our interactions.
I teach because I searched for the courage to revive the world and found it waiting to be unearthed in young hearts and imaginations.
I teach so that the copy-paste generation can finally resign.
I teach because I discover.
I teach so I can laugh more.
I teach to combat our nature-deficit disorder.
I teach to develop inner clarity of purpose.
I teach so I can belong and love.
I teach so I can wonder.
I teach because I get to be a dancing dragon, and a tree, and a fairy princess, and my dog.
I teach so that I can add my voice to younger ones raised in song.
I teach because there are different ways to learn the same thing.
I teach because joyful insight echoes into eternity.
I teach because I remember how it felt to have my feelings encouraged.
I teach because it gives me joy!
I am thankful for every new day I teach.

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The Project Leader and Executive Vice President of Kunskapsskolan Mr. Anders Bauer visited the school yesterday. He was in school after a period of almost 9 months and was quite impressed by the changes wrought. He spent some time with teachers and they shared their experiences of last month in school. He was especially keen to know their views about the pre primary KED program and its implementation in India. Happy faces, high energy and a positive vibe is the way he described Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon after his visit.
P roject Leader and Executive Vice President visit @Kunskapsskolan
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It was a matter of great honour to have Mr. Peter Karlsson yesterday at the school.The former table tennis World doubles champion, European champion and four time member of Sweden’s World championship winning team shared his sporting journey with Kunskapsskolan students. Karlsson started playing tennis at the age of 8 and used to work with a mental trainer to make himself mentally strong and remain focused.

Karlsson spent time interacting and answering the questions put to him by the students. His speech not only inspired Kunskapsskolan students but also provided the students an insight into the life of a committed sportsman and professional. The students also had the opportunity to play with the champion.

On being asked about his motto of life Mr. Karlsson expressed that passion and pleasure combined with hard work and discipline are the essential elements to achieve success.
Former Table Tennis World Doubles Champion @ Kunskapsskolan
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I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as part of a dedicated team of facilitators at Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon. I am Neha Chaudhary, the EVS & science facilitator. As an educator, I always believed that application of the acquired knowledge
in a fruitful manner to bring about some positive change to the society should always be the purpose of education. Kunskapsskolan will give me ample amount of opportunities to work towards this. I strongly believe that knowledge is power and it is the first step to success but imparting knowledge to students in a manner that is simple to understand and engaging in thought is very important.

As a teacher, my goal is to make the learning experience of my students enjoyable and exciting. I look forward to providing every child the freedom to learn at his/her own pace in a goal driven manner and eventually develop into life-long learners.

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Don’t Ignore the Body, When Educating the Mind

Mind and body are intrinsically part of one system. How we must wish that this fact had been drilled in to the heads of the industrial-mindsetted perpetrators of today’s education systems. They may have been ignorant and didn’t have data and information available to them. Today’s generation of educators have no such excuses and yet all too often we see a failure to acknowledge the significance and importance of physical aspects of educational activity alongside the mental and academic studies.

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The sound off footsteps running down the hallways.

Kunskapsskolan has been up and running for a week and a half and I must say that it is enjoyable to hear the sound of a little more than 200 childrens' feet running up and down the hallways.
I´m so thankful to all parents who have trusted us with what they hold closest to their hearts – their kids. I can promise you that it´s going to be an exciting journey but like any other journey, there will be smooth stretches and maybe some bumps too. Bumps are part of life. We will just have to hang in there and find ways around them or over them or simply try another way. Remember that there is always a way!“

Mats Rosen, Academic Head #KunskapsskolanGurgaon
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