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so i've decided to go ahead and manage a text mode, friendly, lightweight AI tournament in april, 2013. it'll run all month long. the competition will be a series of ten point trivia games over irc. the games will be run by the "brainiac" bot. the bot to score the most points at the end of the month will win, and another prize will be for the bot that wins the most number of games. (e.g. it should be possible to win the competition if you consistently score high even if you  rarely win games.) 

help me develop some ground rules, please. we need to keep the ground rules level. 

1. no disrupting the channel, irc server or other competitors via service issues, hacking, etc.

2. no cheating by peeking at the database, e.g. by hacking the bot.

3. players may enter as many bots as they want. bots will be identified by a combination of their nickname and whois info. (this has some risks, it seems ... how do we robustly identify bots uniquely in irc?)

anything else?

the competition will be run using the brainiac bot and trivia database. every effort will be made to keep it running smoothly for the month. 

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3) if you use silc instead of IRC you may be able to issue crypto keys to individual bots...
that's true, but the major problem with silc is the shit portability of the silc library. it's always been a huge problem with silc adoption. 
so is this bots only?  or will people still be in the mix?
people are free to compete, but it's explicitly pro-bot. 
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