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Paid to write about free travel: how cool is that?!
Paid to write about free travel: how cool is that?!


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Discovering my city with Aucky Walky - review
Sigh. More than once in this blog, and elsewhere, I've commented in a recognisably superior manner about how Americans will frequently, guilelessly and with open delight and no embarrassment whatsoever, exclaim, "I did not know that!" on learning some inter...

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Er, wow.
Well, there you go. Connections. Popping up everywhere, but sometimes in disguise. To be honest, it can be confusing - like today. I was dutifully doing a piece for a Sunday paper's series ("World Famous in New Zealand" - it's a thing here, an in-joke but a...

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Hot and cold
This photo by @stevefrancees on my Instagram feed is exactly the reason why I'm done with hot places. I mean, look at it: it could be anywhere! My first thought was Tahiti, specifically the Manava Suites resort I stayed at way back in 2007 - or, possibly Ne...

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Disgusting Trump and his abominable sons
This is what happens when you hand your iPhone over to your Gracepatt Ecotours guide to do some yousies at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi. Stephen was so delighted with the quality of the photographs that he couldn't help himself - honestly, ...

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You're the Business, Emirates
When you've spent 16 days bumping and lurching along 3,467km of roads through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, in an un-air-conditioned truck with rattly windows, loose screws and meanly padded seats, oh! what a treat it is to return to the comforts of the 21st ce...

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Giraffes do it with tongue
Well, how else should you spend your last hours in Africa, but kissing a giraffe and patting baby elephant orphans? So I took a tour with Gracepatt Ecotours out, first of all, to the Giraffe Centre on the outskirts of Nairobi. Here they breed Rothschild gir...

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Intrepid Game Parks & Gorillas - review and advice
Keep in mind that the Intrepid Game Parks
and Gorillas tour I did in November 2017 is unlikely to be offered in the same
format in future since Rwanda, having already doubled the price of a gorilla
permit this year, is rumoured to be planning further increa...

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Intrepid Game Parks & Gorillas - The End
It was only after I had lain for a while
last night enjoying the cosiness of hearing rain on the roof of the tent that I
realised I wasn’t actually feeling cosy at all – in fact, I was wet. Someone
genuinely helpful had opened a couple of my mesh windows ye...

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Intrepid Game Parks & Gorillas - Day 16
There was mist over the Nile when we rose
this morning – “I’ve never seen so many dawns,” someone said plaintively. We
headed out of camp at 6.45am, rattling a bit more around the truck because four
of our number headed off early this morning to Entebbe air...

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Intrepid Game Parks & Gorillas - Day 14
How lovely to wake without an alarm - and also to the novelty of monkeys scrabbling across the tin roof. It was a beautiful morning, the Nile glossy and smooth, with just a few fishing canoes dotted across it below the dam. Today we went in all directions f...
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