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Green = Eco-Chic

Submitted for #SAS’s special St. Patrick’s Day Edition, curated by myself and +lane langmade [since this shot is coming in soft, I'm gonna give an alternate link: ]

Since #SAS is going “green” today, I thought I might submit a fashion shot that is both literally green and eco-friendly — thus, celebrating all things green on St. Paddy’s Day while illustrating the way the fashion industry is increasingly becoming committed towards a new mode of environmentalism and social responsibility. The couture gown below is from Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2012 line, and it’s made out of emerald silk taffeta and battenburg lace with a broderie anglaise bodice. Notice the asymmetrical hemline here, which is a recent couture trend. If it looks familiar, you might have seen Nicki Minaj wearing this gown at the 2012 American Music Awards.

I took this shot in the Oscar De La Renta boutique in Vegas—cuz when I wasn’t doing all kinds of sinfully pleasurable things at night there, I was shopping until I almost dropped.

While this gown is beautifully designed, it becomes even more attractive once you realize it was created by an eco-friendly designer. Sustainable fashion is a design movement in which a product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it has throughout its total lifespan. This of course includes its “carbon footprint.” Obviously, one of the major factors to consider is the sustainability of a material. Eco-friendly fabrics include organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soy, corn and seaweed. Oscar de la Renta has said, “Sustainable fashion implies a commitment to the traditional techniques, and not just the art, of making clothes,” and he has experimented not only with hemp, but also bamboo.

So here’s to being eco-chic in green ---not just looking “good” when partying in some serious style, but feeling good when you do it. You know, all that stuff about being beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

#stpatricksday2012 #green #luckoftheirish #stpatricksdaystyle
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OOH! +lynn langmade electric green! this is so cool and i love how you talk about the eco-chic issues and designers views on all of it, Espeically the part about sustainable fashion! Very current and very green and very chic! (makes me GREEN with envy that you shot this in Vegas)
+Tom McGowan thank you my friend! Hope you're having a wonderful Paddy's Day!
+lane langmade Green with envy. yeah, we sure had a blast :D
+Brian Spencer Informative. You crack me up. I actually cut out like 3 paragraphs about sustainable fashion cuz I just knew nobody would want to read it :D
Love the eco-friendliness of this gown +lynn langmade and of course you captured it with all the style and panache as only a SAS curator can do!
oh and btw, I just want to rant about why so many of my portrait-oriented shots are coming into the G+ lightbox soft. It's becoming BEYOND annoying! Here is a link to the exact same shot in Tumblr.

Notice that they look almost like two different shots!
I really loved the details not only on your post but this shot as well. Light and processing on this shot is just ecolicious!!! You never disappoint us +lynn langmade
+Paras Shah well, hopefully you went and looked at it on Tumblr, cuz it's coming in way way too soft. Thank you though!
I did looked at both the places and you are so right...
+Paras Shah crazy right??? I've been trying to tell people why I like Tumblr so much and I'm telling you my photos always look perfect on there --the way they are supposed to look. And half the time they look totally crazy over here.
+Brian Spencer then it might be coming in better on your monitor. But honestly, ask +Paras Shah, it looks crazy on my monitor on G+ and looks perfect on Tumblr.
I just looked at the Tumblr image and it is gorgeous so much nicer and more definition than the G+ I didn't realize it was so bad! +lynn langmade It did really weird things with my porcupine image today too, made the quills almost striped looking...didn't look like that at all in PS
oh and I should say +Brian Spencer , this phenomenon where it looks really crazy on G+ usually only happens with my portrait-oriented shots.
+Gail Beerman yeah, crazy right? I think I'm just going to start providing an alternate link each time I upload one and it comes in soft like this. But again, there is a huge reason why so many photogs flocked to Tumblr. (oh can you give me the link to your porcupine shot?)
Well, i checked on bigger screen and not finding much of a difference. May be because the image on tmblr is bigger in size compare to here in G+.
+Paras Shah yeah but size shouldn't be making a difference. I was having an in depth discussion with +Craig Szymanski about this problem. And I just wish I could figure out why some of the photos look perfect on G+ and others look just plain awful.
One thing i came to know from one of the thread with Jay Patel was, google somehow don't like if you post the image in smaller size. If you upload a bigger size image, usually quality turns out decent. However, that was long ago and not sure if it still holds true!!!
+Paras Shah again, the phenomenon is much worse when the photo is long as opposed to wide and all my photos are only 1024px at furthest dimension because I was told by G+ expert that image quality degrades when the photo is larger in any dimension than 1024. So again, not sure why it's only really happening with the long ones.
+Brian Spencer yeah, but sometimes the G+ lightbox is actually creating noise in the photo as well. So they not only come in soft sometimes, they come in with noise and dirt that doesn't actually exist in the original. Why the HECK is that happening???
+Gail Beerman okay, I just looked at your porcupine and I agree, there is definitely a "striped" phenomenon going on in it that I don't think you intended right? This could be what I was talking about when I said sometimes the G+ lightbox will introduce random noise into my shots.
Yes, it seems that G+ is compressing the photos and not showing the actual file uploaded when in lightbox, but a compressed version. If you look at it in picasaweb it will look correct just like the tumblr one. Crazy eh?
It is odd, +lynn langmade , I think +Craig Szymanski 's suggestion that G+ shows a compressed version makes sense, and in the case of both of our images, fine detail is lost
Well, what you expect when few MB image gets converted in to few KB :) They are still doing a decent job so far... I'm sure it can only get better from here...
Looked at both this one and the one on Tumbler, noticed a difference by quite a bit. I've been getting annoyed at chunked up gradations in almost every upload for a while now. I do like the shot, though.
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