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easter bunny

uh huh, yeah I know. it’s a bunny, and it’s Easter. wow. talk about creativity :D

Happy Easter People!

#easterbunny #easter #spring #bunny #animals  
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Aww, he looks a little frightened, but he's sure cute! Happy Easter to you and yours, Lynn!
+Lynn Langmade
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Listening to Hillary Clinton live right now at +Marketo 's #mktgnation14 !!!!!
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Liz C
Yes indeed. I'll look for you again :-)
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Happy International Women's Day! #GoogleDoodles
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Yeah 4 us. Its about time. Hillery needs to b in the white house ladies.
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spring green

There’s a certain kind of green that happens only as spring begins to take hold—I call it “Spring Green.” It’s that kind of thing where the grass is so “full” from drinking rain that it turns almost yellow. It’s positively bursting with energy and life. 

The photo I took this morning that I include here isn’t remarkable except that I think for the first time I was able to “capture” this special moment when Spring Green has transformed an otherwise unremarkable landscape into something marvelous—indeed, something magical. One of my favorite poets, e.e. cummings, would say it’s a time when the world is “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful.”

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and happy weekend :)

#green #spring #spring2014  

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the possibility of everything

Many of you are aware that today is +Luxe Langmade 's birthday. Since her favorite color is blue, I thought I might send her this dandelion and raindrop to help her make all her birthday wishes come true.

Luxe close your eyes and wish for your dreams to come true. Everything is possible but only if you know that it is.

Love your auntie lynn :) #happybdayluxe #dandelion #macrophotography  
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thank you very much +Chris Hamilton 
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a ghostly sun remains
haunted by the departing moon,
lost in the shadow
cast by its own light

—Photo and poem by Lynn Langmade. copyright 2013

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Beautiful shot and poem +Lynn Langmade :)
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Have her in circles
29,029 people
A Light-Filled Path

Just thought I would share these little poppy lanterns that I came across lighting a path toward pure happiness...
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um..yeah if anyone is going to #MktgNation14 I'd love to meet you!
Join +InsideView  's Lynn Langmade to learn about her award-winning social media marketing campaign on 4/9 at +Marketo  Marketing Nation Summit 2014

#mktgnation14 #BeRelevant  
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tears for Lee

I just learned that a good friend, Lee Daniels, a social luminary and photographer, passed away from a long battle with cancer.

Sometimes something is so powerful you just can’t talk about it. There are no words that could fully encapsulate what a loss this is not just for her friends and family but for all those whom her photography touched. No words to describe her amazing spirit, especially in the face of such great adversity.

I can only let my body and my photography express my grief today.

[Lee loved to photograph flowers. This one is for her]
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thank you so much +John Nolan 
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Lynn Langmade

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the red shoes

#winter #redandwhite #ballet #snow #pointshoes  

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Love them. Wish i could dance again.kc
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Have her in circles
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Right about now I’m pretty certain of one thing, which is that anything worth doing—marketing, design, or critical analysis—depends upon the stories we tell.

Ultimately, I’m still reading and writing stories and teaching others how to do this as well. I’m hoping that you’ll share your story with me.

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