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In Memoriam Winter

The original post about my dog winter below was one of my first posts on G+. I haven't posted on G+ for a while, but it felt somehow right to communicate the following news about Winter.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my dog Winter passed away this morning from congestive heart failure and most likely complications from laryngeal paralysis, which was obstructing her airway and making it very difficult for her to move air through her throat and wind pipe.

Winter was the best friend and faithful companion to Nocturne, my black Pomeranian, and my children Blake and Jade.

There’s really not much else to say accept that she had been suffering for over two years from an enlarged heart and had chronic breathing issues since she was a puppy, which the Vets never properly diagnosed. Two weeks ago her breathing problems became worse. I took her to the vet again. They told me there was nothing abnormal about her breathing and that her heart problem actually looked better. I’m so sad I listened to that Vet and didn’t trust my instincts that something more serious was going on. Like almost every other pet I’ve had that has died, Winter’s death beyond being horribly tragic also feels like my own personal failure – that I didn’t do enough and didn’t get to her in time. To me it is always so sad that this sense of failure always accompanies the death of my beloved pets, making the loss that much harder to bear and manage.

Most dogs are friendly, but Winter was an exceptionally sweet and sensitive dog with a beautiful soul. She was that dog who could realize if I was sad or upset and try to comfort me. Often she would literally try to lick tears from my eyes. She was playful and literally always smiling. She could cheer me up just by looking at me.

I got Winter because dogs are social animals and I didn’t want my dog Nocturne to be alone. Before Winter came, Nocturne had developed an anxiety disorder from being left alone when Scott and I went to work. So Winter not only brought her sweet soul to our house, but she ended up helping cure Nocturne’s anxiety and neurosis. They were best friends and were together constantly. Nocturne will probably grieve for her the most.

Again, I know most here don’t know Winter, but I just wanted to send out a note to say that a beautiful light left the world this morning. To let Winter’s departing spirit know just how much she was loved and how much she will be missed.

We love you and will miss you forever Winter!

This is my second contribution to #FidoFriday curated by @100275369366064591159 and @105852782594022510198

What would you say if I told you that this little dog almost became a coyote’s lunch?

A few weeks back I wrote a post about my dog Wolfie, the border collie who I rescued from a shelter but is now battling two forms of cancer. I wrote about how he has been a really difficult dog to take care of even before the cancer and suggested that the day I realized I loved him was the day he saved my dog Winter from a coyote who was about three feet away from snacking on her.

Winter is probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever encountered, and her two favorite things to do in the world are 1) eating and (2) chasing little balls.

Whenever I’m down, all I have to do is look at her smile and it immediately makes everything better. So I’m hoping that this shot will also brighten your day :)
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Lynn Langmade

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opening up

who needs resolutions? just open up and let it all in :)

Happy New Year Everyone!


#tulip #tulips #tulipsphotography #flower #flowers #flowerphotography #naturephotography #naturephotos #white #newyearseve #newyear2015 #newyear #happynewyear2015  
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Andre M
Nice Photos have you +Lynn Langmade​...👍👍
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Lynn Langmade

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Some spooky typography for Halloween!

#halloweentown #halloween2014 #ravens #spooky #edgarallanpoe  
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In bengali language the poem KA KESWAR KUCHKUCHYE by great poet Sukumar Roy father of Satyajit Roy has some similarity. It may be recalled in this context for enjoyment.
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Lynn Langmade

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* a father's love *

My 3-year-old nephew and his father making some sparks...

#fourthofjulyweekend #sparklers  
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Hi Lynn Langmade Altaf Khan from Pakistan...
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Lynn Langmade

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It's not every day you find red, white and blue together out in here's my #fourthofjuly shot--a macro of a red tulip staring into the sun.

Hope you you have a great day :)
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Great job
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Lynn Langmade

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sunshine for the soul

for  #zensunday : +Zen Sunday curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Nathan Wirth +Simon Davis-Oakley

and these wonderful themes

#flowerpower : +FLOWER POWER curated by +Edith Kukla

#macro4all : +Macro4All curated by +Shane Williams +Walter Soestbergen

#yisforyellow : +YisforYellow curated by +Lucille Galleli

#yellowcircle : +***** curated by +Brian Dukes 
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awww thanks my friend +Sumit Sen 
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Lynn Langmade

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Happy Fourth Everyone!  :) 

#fourthofjuly   #fourthofjulyweekend  
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thanks +Leo Deegan  :)
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Lynn Langmade

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Thanks to the awesome +Heidi Anne Morris for sharing my little jellyfish photo :)
Beautiful jellyfish images from +Lynn Langmade

Cute spotted orange jellyfish with teal blue. Perfect wall decor for ocean themed children's room or... -
Cute spotted orange jellyfish with teal blue. Perfect wall decor for ocean themed children's room or kids room. #jellyfish #spotted #orange #blue #tealblue #ocean #underwater #underwaterphotography #jellyfishprint #jellyfishphotography #sea #sealife #marinelife #seaanimal #animal #animals #lynnlangmade #cute #sidekick #mascot #jester #adorable #humorous
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That's it, I'll have to look into FAA, you're the fifth person who has mentioned it...
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Lynn Langmade

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wild turkey

I ran across this wild turkey obviously out in the…wilderness. And there was just something so elegant about this turkey and the way it was moving. How the light was bouncing off the grass surrounding it, creating this green hue that was so soft and warm it seemed to be evaporating into the air. In the lush abandonment of its own freedom, for a moment, even this turkey was graceful.

It just got me thinking about how we’re all graceful—all beautiful in soft, quiet moments during the day when no one sees. No one sees. And isn’t it amazing that our world is brimming with beauty and that each of us in some way is contributing to it.

Today I’m thankful that there is such a thing as “wild” turkeys, who get to live through Thanksgiving and enjoy freedom.

#thanksgiving #noturkey #noturkeythanks  
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Lynn Langmade

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Lost somewhere
between sunrise
and sunset


#macrophotography #macro4all #flowerphotography #flowerpower  
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thanks +Shelly Gunderson !!

+Annette Junge Daugaard  right back atcha <3
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Lynn Langmade

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you emerged from
the dense
blue fog of water

finding your way
at last
to yourself

-- photo and poem by Lynn Langmade. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.

--- submitted to the following themes

#flowerpower : +FLOWER POWER curated by +Edith Kukla

#lowkeythursday : +Low Key Photography curated by +Bartek Siebab

#natureartthursday : +NatureArtThursday curated by +Trisha Standard +Dane Clingan 
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thank you very much +Mikko Tyllinen 
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Lynn Langmade

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conspiracy of night

after the sun sank
he stood
terribly silent
and                     alone

through the bluegrass
in search of the discarded moon.

for only her untouched light
comforted him

in the great conspiracy
of night
that had become
his life.

—photo and poem by Lynn Langmade. Copyright 2014.
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Haha I love it!!! Ha these drama-Queens!!! :)) hehehe
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Right about now I’m pretty certain of one thing, which is that anything worth doing—marketing, design, or critical analysis—depends upon the stories we tell.

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