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Sam Zen
Bass player, TV writer, home cook, epic beard
Bass player, TV writer, home cook, epic beard

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I'm leaving this frozen city for a week in what I hope to be a tropical paradise, but might actually be the site of my physical transformation from solid to liquid state. I'll be incommunicado for the duration, so every time you miss my smiling beard or want a work update, just listen to one of these shiny tunes we recorded yesterday. 

*Warning: Some listeners may find the strong language and themes offensive. If you suspect you might be one such person, I recommend you turn down the treble and turn up the bass, way up! Older listeners might want to have a seat and/or dial 911 in advance for when the palpitations set in around track 3.*

Bangers and mash sweet potato shepherd's pie. Yes.

In honour of Dennis Farina, I declare I won't go to England. #RIP

It's hard to watch how little our mayor knows about his own flagship issue.

Toronto's best facial hair will be on the Cloak & Dagger (394 College) patio July 2 from 7pm until whenever. Who's coming?

Brewing pale ale with cascade for bittering, amarillo and perle hops. A time machine would be a brewers best friend. I have to wait a month to see how it tastes.

Thought this might interest you:

Almost two kilos of #mulberries! Anyone have a good pie, crumble, wine recipe to share? Something you've tasted, I can google with the best of them.

We're expecting!!!!

Work Update: It's officially summer; the cockroaches are out for a stroll.
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