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Let's try to find something new.
Let's try to find something new.

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On a separate note, some other conversations I tossed up on reddit awhile ago...

Do games really need plots, or simply setups (contextualization/situation framing)?

What made granular progression (e.g. leveling) prevail over spontaneous/intervalic progression (e.g. powerups/immediate upgrades)?

How does good voice acting of protagonists add to immersion (or does it merely add to engagement)?

Is there still a place for timedragging (i.e. content padding through grindy activities/arbitrarily long timers) in games?

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Another shot at open, flexible procedural space gaming on the horizon. Will it live up to its goals unlike those that have come before? Who knows, but it might be worth keeping an eye on:

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This is article covers a great point. Multiplayer shooters have been tearing themselves to shreds trying to rake in more cash, at the cost of player retention and consumer interest. A subdivided product hardly inspires consumer confidence (e.g. when am I going to be asked to buy the next stupid thing?), and it's amazing the existing business model for shooters has continued as long as it has.

As far as the industry seems to be concerned, you have three choices, buy+subscribe+cash shop or download freely+cash shop or buy+cash shop. The first option is outrageous, but seen as less so compared to the latter two. The idea with the first is you receive assured content at no cost, everything in the cash shop is vanity related and unnecessary. The mistrust towards the last two falls along my criticism of existing shooters' approach, there's an expectation of requests to buy more. This is extremely reasonable with the second option, but not as much with the third.

Why? They've around received a baseline of money from purchasing the game, everything afterward from the cash shop is somewhat supplemental. Nevertheless, some games' approaches to this have justified players' wariness of the model. However, at least one game is approaching this in a stupidly clever way that directly attacks the problem of player retention and product subdivision fatigue. Guild Wars 2 is introducing content in a "season" form similar to television series, with the caveat that if you attend the "showing" of the content, you'll receive free access to revisit it afterwards. If you missed it, you can simply catch up by buying access to it.

While it has yet to go into action, if priced properly, this effectively circumvents the problems mentioned as long as at least one person is still paying attention to the game to tell their friends. This also serves to give the companies good marketing figures from inflated player attendance numbers that are occurring due to "free stuff." It's almost a win-win-win in all respects.

In case you're interested, I've been running some discussions over on Reddit for some gaming topics that have been on my mind lately.

Optimal strategies/builds, peer pressure, and broken designs.

Isolation and the Unresponsive Sandbox

If you'd like, feel free to respond  here or over there, I'd be interested to see some of your thoughts. Just make sure to be clear which topic you're responding to.

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For anyone interested in getting into modding FTL, I made a basic guide over on Steam.

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In case you missed it, I wrote lengthy thoughts on game world design and motion controls.

Sorry to repeat myself without much in-between. I'm still in the process of determining how I'm doing things with this account. Tell me what you think, where I might improve (I know the layout's barebones but I like its flexibility in offering different viewing options, and have minimal knowledge of how to improve webpages), and anything else that comes to mind.

I don't remember anyone here that I've circled very much. Let's chalk it up to cyber amnesia and agree that I probably like you.

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A somewhat lengthy rundown analysis of the fadeout of motion controls and some mild hints as to why to be found therein. I'm going to grapple more heavily with the why in another post, because I think it's bigger than anything I mention here. I'd intended to do so with this post, but found myself somewhat captivated with exploring each company's approach and mild stumbles.

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I need to go over this with a finer tooth comb, probably, but I wanted to get these ideas hammered out before they left me. Tell me, what do you think? Do you think open worlds are fine as-is, or could use some improvement? Would you like to see a return of games built around a hub design, instead, with all the improvements of modern tech to accompany them?

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