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Mary Jensen (Feywriter)
Fantasy Writer, Poet, Gamer
Fantasy Writer, Poet, Gamer
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Anticipation for April
Tomorrow begins a new month. But it’s not just any month, it’s April! What does that mean? National Poetry Month. April is prolific with prompts, and I always write an abundance of new poems . In addition to taking on the challenge of writing a poem a day, ...

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Chiaroscuro Book Give-a-Way!
This is your chance to win a copy of Chiaroscuro . CHIAROSCURO is a poetry book about the contrast and balance
between light and dark. It’s a journey through a crumbling world that leaves a
gritty taste. It shines light on the edge of awareness where dark m...

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Z is for Zero Hour
As today is the last of the A to Z challenge, and also the final day of poetry month, I wrote a poem about an ending. But this isn't "The End". Expect me back here blogging about once a week. It won't be all poetry all the time. I'll expand back to include ...

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Y is for Youth
The child has a special gift, seeing the world with different eyes. Too many of us grow up and stop believing. The Child's Gift Mama, can you smell? my teddy bathed in wildflowers Mama, can you feel? this rock has a heartbeat Mama, can you hear? the flap of...

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X is for eXtras
In Scott Westerfeld 's Extras, each person has their own news feed. But with so many feeds, not everyone will get noticed. Even in today's world, anyone can have a blog, a Facebook page. It can be easy to feel lost in the crowd, unnoticed, merely an extra. ...

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V is for Villanelle
The  Villanelle  is a structured poetry form. This may intimidate some, but I find it a fun form to work with. It has two refrains (repeated phrases) that alternate throughout the poem. I like the musical quality of the Villanelle, and that the refrains are...

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T is for Tree
Urban Willow (Photo credit: Ian Sane ) Sanctuary The world can be a crazy place, big crowds may be ordinary but make me crave some breathing space to sit beneath my willow tree. Escape is not one time of year, the brisk air of February means many layers of ...

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O is for Observer
oak (Photo credit: mindfulness ) Unrequited Hidden in oak tree's shadow, I lean forward… gripping the branch with clawed feet. He leaves the inn. Laughing, a toss of burnished hair; in excitement I almost lose my balance, flap my wings to steady myself. He ...

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M is for Moon
Moon (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn (back soon, sorry for not commenting) ) Lunar Pull The moon begins to dance-- Tides swoon for its romance. Essence Poem, by Mary W. Jensen

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K is for Key
I love keys. So it is no wonder that is the 'K' word I gravitated to today. Puerta de entrada al pasado / Entrance door to the past (Photo credit: NeoGaboX ) The Key's Mystery The key itself is simple rusted iron on woven cord without its lock it is nothing...
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