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Joe Ronstadt SR
Businessman, SEO, Marketing, Roofing Contractor, General Contractor.
Businessman, SEO, Marketing, Roofing Contractor, General Contractor.
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The California Contractors State License Law requires contractors to display their license number prominently along with all advertising. A wise roofing consumer should make note of the roofers license number when shopping for roofing contractors and check it with the Contractors State License Board, for the following: Date issued, Insurance, employees, Disciplinary actions, etc... A very important bit of data is how long they've in business under that particular license number. No excuses should be accepted like "we were in business under another number before". The current License number is the only one relevant to you.
Orange County Roofing, with Pride Pride, Established in 1980, One of the longest in business of all Roofing Contractors in Orange County California as evidenced by our license number (390685). We provide the best quality and most thorough Roofing, Roof Repair, Roof Inspection, &, Roof Tune Up, Service throughout North, Central, &, South Orange County California. We have the highest skilled Orange County Roofers, because we start with a no experience employee without the baggage of the extremely flawed roofing industry, and train them our techniques from the ground up.

Many General contractors are illegally providing roofing services or other trades, which promotes poor workmanship and puts the customer at risk, with regard to insurance and quality of craftsmanship.

Many General Contractors on Yelp and Angie'sList are illegally providing services for which they are not licensed for. Always check their license and company name at the CSLB.

At Pride Roofing OC, we are not guided by the extremely flawed roofing and roof repair standards of Orange County, the Roofing Tile Institute, or even the instructions put out by the tile manufacturers themselves, rather we exceed them by far. We practice higher standards as defined by us. From many years of paying attention to what works and what doesn’t.

We Truly Set The Bar...
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