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The 1st impression on "Building a BeagleBone Black Super Cluster" is a well-defined text book to quickly study clustering computing including H/W (CPU, Memeory, System Board, Flush device, etc) and S/W (OS, Libraries) creating a BeagleBone Cluster computing with credit-card-sized Linux computer, BeagleBone.
The reason is you can learn or just imagine how to create a cluster computing system through the book.

The book seems that it fouses more scientific aspect rather than creating your own clustering application with BeagleBone black cluster.

I summarized my impression for each chpater one by one as below.

1. BeagleBone Black System Board
Introducing common features of hardware devices (for example, CPU, onboard memory and flush storage) and OS.
It's short but easy to understand hardware components and its features for beginners.

2. Building a Beowulf Cluster
How to set up and build self-made clustering system with BeagleBone.
I am impressed that it mentions about hardware architecture introducing several components, not only BeagleBone itself but, for example, cooling system, power supply cable and LAN cable, network device).

3. Operating System Setup and Configuration
Here comes more practical part about how to install OS using a microSD card, configure network settings, installing development libraries.

4. Parallel Computing with OpenMPI and ScaLAPACK
Introduction about how to install OpenMPI and create a clustering test application to understand the basic usage and functionting of the MPI standard interface, and install ScaLAPACK and get in touch with the mathematical suburoutines of ScaLAPACK.

5. Advanced Solving of General Equation Systems
Compiling PETSc and SLEPc libraries to test the scaling abilities of BeagleBone Black cluster.
What I'm fascinated with is that we can understand the series of how to test the cluster's scaling ability by installing libraries, running test applications, and seeing the test result.

6. Scientific and Technological Examples of Parallel Computing
The last part is about how the BeagleBone black cluster can be used for scientific or engineering simulations using deal..II library to perform higgh-end calculations.
Actually, it was too difficult for me to understand because I've had no experience this area. However, it is definitely valuable to understand the process of simulation test and the libraries used for the test.

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Managing several API keys of CopperEgg in Chef cookbook
I've got an idea about how to manage API key while installing CopperEgg agent via chef. The official instruction to install CopperEgg agent via Chef says the User API key is to be input in attribute files. But I think it would be more general and easier to ...

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Configuring and Enabling Virutal MFA for AWS account
Install Google Authenticator  in iPhone Cf. Virtual MFA applications for smartphone except for iPhone. Enable virtual MFA application with the official instruction Confirm that the AWS root account is available with google authenticator Delete your AWS acco...

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ChefDK is easier to install Berkshelf than via gem on Amazon Linux AMI
I ended up installing the latest berkshelf , 3.x via gem on Amazon Linux AMI because it is quite difficult to deal with the dependency issues. Instead, I decided to use Chef Development Kit  because it contains Berkshelf and is easy to install without worry...

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Installing cookbook on chef node
Installing chef on a remote host $ knife solo prepare chef-node01 Bootstrapping Chef...
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 16519 ...

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Installing Chef solo
Very begging of installing and setting up chef solo especially for myself to remember how to. Updating the latest packages and git $ sudo yum -y update git Installing Chef $ curl -L | sudo bash Installing knife-solo $...

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Failed Access Denied: S3 properties on us-east-1 region
When I created s3 buckets at each regions including us-east-1, us-west1, us-west-2, and ap-northeast-1 and applied the IAM policies below to a IAM group. I got some of the properties of other than us-east-1 region somehow. IAM policy to define the buckets t...

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Installing PostgreSQL on EC2 via Chef solo and Testing with serverspec
A quick introduction of installing and running tests on PostgreSQL on EC2. Installing openssl and postgresql cookbooks from the community site $ knife cookbook site install openssl postgresql Generating md5 password for database $ echo -n 'postgresq!' 'post...

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Installing serverspec and running tests on EC2
This is an introduction of installing  serverspec and running a test spec file to confirm that nginx and sysstat are installed and running. Defining hostname of the node to test and specific settings ~/.ssh/config Host web01   HostName   Por...

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Book review of Mastering Zabbix by Packt Publishing
I would like to make a quick review about Mastering Zabbix by Packt Publishing because I recently read itto learn how to manage large environment with Zabbix. Mast...
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