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How many times a day would you say you check your email?
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Because it's my work e-mail as well about 150-200 times a day.
To many times. I think I need to turn off the notification on my phone.
I've got about 20 email accounts that all stream into one mailbox on my phone. I check my email on my iphone whenever I've got a few minutes like standing in line, waiting for kids to get done with practice, etc. Since it's on my phone and I can check it often durring down times it does not distract me when I am busy doing important things. Most of the mail I get I can read on the phone but if there is something that I need to take care of when I'm at a computer, I forward it to my main gmail account and take care of it later. ...later :-0
Personal email... 6-7 times. Website email... maybe every other day. All the questions from people who want to get rich quickly really tire me out so I have to take a break from site email. It's draining. :)
On work days, maybe 10 times. On weekends, maybe 20 times.
Can't work without email, so like every 15 minutes while I'm's an extension for RSS feed for me
Maybe once an hour. But I don't get crazy amounts of emails like you probably do. It usually only takes me 30 seconds to triage the inbox and maybe an additional minute or two to address anything urgent. Then that evening or the next morning I spend about 30 minutes addressing the more involved emails or those that require action.
Whenever one pops up on notifier. 4-5 times a day.
Until recently far too often. I now open it approx. every 1.5 hours which is about the maximum my attention span can hold out on one project without a break anyways.
Work email, 2x a day max, 10x a week max... personal email, more often, not for need, but just to see if I got more subscribers LOL, still a time-waster....
Depends on how you mean "check" - every time I look at my phone and see the little email notification, I feel compelled to take a look. Although I only check my actual email client 2 or 3 times a day.
I think I'm addicted to checking my emails Pat! It's not a healty addiction...
about 2 times. And no mobile phone push service is active :-)
Way too many. about 10-15.
Never counted, but 25 times will be my best guess.
At least twice; hourly if I think Pat Flynn will respond to one of my emails.
I'm getting a phone app built that non-stop buzzes whenever Pat emails me, puts out a podcast or does a new post.
too many times. want to reduce it to maximum 3 times a day then to 2 times a day
I check my emails many time. like upto 30time a day.
My goal has been to only check it once a day, the more I check it the more my productivity takes a dive, but when I'm board or waiting around I will check it as well
better yet, how many times do you look at your email waiting for something to come in.... I'm always anxious...sheesh
I use google apps, I just leave a tab open all day long.
Bloggers like me should do it three times a day. Some time google or my server hosting company send me emial about my webs.
Too many. It's a distraction. I need to find a balance between response and focus. Maybe I'll invent a radical new idea and call it ..."a schedule".
down to twice a day, if it's urgent call me!
Every 5 to 10 mins. (Except sweet dreams timing)
uhm... I look every day, take on average 1 hour. I get over 100 a day!
Since I"m still working for someone else, I typically look at mail all day long due to the fact that it's how work is distributed. Well over 200 times a day.
OMG! Constantly! I haven't actually counted it yet. I'll have to get back to you on the exact number.
at least 21,600 times... ;-)
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