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For those worried about the new presidency and upcoming policies, we're here for you: Equal/Civil rights, marriage, and harassment. We will do all we can to protect you.

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Rain City Investigations has just been awarded as one of the top 20 Private Investigation Agencies in Seattle!

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The list has been released and people are looking to see if their significant other was on it. Have suspicions? Even if they didn’t use AM, they could still be stepping out. Call us, and we will work hard to give you peace of mind.


Things are going well with the agency! We are branching out to cover insurance claims, but are still available for clients to assist them. We want to focus on the Seattle community and helping our people.

What would you like to know about private investigations? Today (all day), I will do a #AskAPI session on Twitter:@RainCityPI

The one thing that I love about this job is there are so many different types of cases. It keeps me on my toes, makes me learn new things every day, and keeps things fresh.

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Rain City Investigations has a new more professional and streamlined logo and website! -Also, the color scheme shows our local love of Seattle.

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While the internet provides databases online for the public to run background checks, it is still limited. Private Investigators have access to databases the public doesn't. Also, a good PI knows that a database can overlook or omit information, so it's good to verify with several other databases.

#Seattle #BackgroundChecks

The ‪#‎AshleyMadisonHack‬ list is threatened to be released. Are you in the greater Seattle area and curious about your spouse? I will conduct surveillance to catch them in the act! Consultations are free, and the information is completely confidential.

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Not all private investigators are the same! Learn their specialties, focuses, and strengths. Here is a helpful list to go by:
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