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May Challenge
Here is a fun challenge to excite your poetic imagination. This exercise originated with the Guyer Barn Poets of Hyannis, MA. Start with a question. I asked the _____________. moon   stone   mountain   stars   forest   granite coal   river   island   air ...

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Learning the Ropes: Book Signings, Talks and Readings
When my book Legends
and Lore of Cape Cod officially came out on May 23, I had a full
schedule of events from book signings, talks and readings lined up.
The last two months have been busy ones. In the months leading up to
my pub date, my History Press rep,...

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Legends and Lore of Cape Cod
I am very excited to announce that my new book Legends and Lore of Cape Cod was published on May 23 by History Press. This book has been in the works
for at least a year and is a volume of historical non-fiction. Many of
the chapters highlight excerpts fr...

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April: A Busy Month for Poetry
April is National Poetry month. Started in 1996 by
the Academy of American Poets as a way to celebrate poetry and to increase
awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States, this
time of year is a busy one for local poets. For me, the poetry madn...

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In honor of Valentine’s Day: Writing a love poem
During the month of February, over 131 million cards are
manufactured to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The messages may be simple or
elaborate, silly or sentimental. For the poet, however, writing a love poem is
truly a labor of love. It’s hard sometimes to fi...

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New Year, New Ventures
With the advent of a new year, I make resolutions that never
seem to change from year to year: write more, exercise more, spend more time
with my family, etc. When I reread over my New Year’s resolutions for 2015, I
had vowed to write a new poem a week and ...

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Away Time
For most of my life, I have written poems and stories. I
also love to read and always enjoy having a good book on my bed stand.
Recently, I have been immersed in a project that has taken me away from writing
poetry and reading. This project, still under wra...

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A Fall Poem
Wild Turkeys                     1.  Rumors from the north country  favor bobcat sightings.  Here we have neither fat bear  nor spindly moose  but a family of wild turkeys  crosses the driveway  at dawn, the young ones  scrabbling along the stones --  beaks...

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Poetry Group Update: Planning for Fall
One of the magical things about having a poetry group is sharing with my fellow poets. The Steeple Street Poets will celebrate its
fourth anniversary next month and I have the satisfaction of knowing a good
thing when I see it. Our group has grown, adding n...

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A Summer's Poem
The Art of Levitating -- South Cape
Beach, Mashpee In between the swimmers, and far off, a lone sailboat or two, is a man floating. His face and palms, lifted to an orange sun, are a supplicant to light. For many minutes he drifts and seems suspended in wat...
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