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Does God communicate by means of keeping silent?

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This is for everyone starting to program, or becoming a programmer. This isn't Python related, but I think the Newbies group is right for this.

I have a sense of freedom when I act, e.g. when I cross the road. If determinism were true, then my sense of freedom would be an illusion. But if I can be wrong about something so fundamental as my sense of freedom when crossing the road, what else could I be wrong about?  Perhaps I am wrong about the existence of other minds etc etc. The arguments for determinism go against my basic experiences and as such  are no more worthy of consideration than any other form of scepticsim.

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My name is Nicholas. A long time ago I studied philosophy of mind at Edinburgh before getting into the thought of the Danish thinker Kierkegaard and the Russian novelist Dostoevsky. Some of my thoughts can be found at the link

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Dostoevsky's lady of little faith : a Kierkegaardian interpretation
Katerina Khokhlakova is a fairly minor character
in Dostoevsky’s the Brothers Karamazov. She is the mother of Lise, the little
girl who begins the novel as an invalid, but who later develops a close loving
relationship with Alyosha. Madame Khokhlakova in th...

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If God does not exist everything, is permitted: a Kierkegaardian perspective
In the Brothers Karamazov, Ivan’s philosophical and theological
ideas are complex and develop in the course of the novel. However, near the
beginning of the novel in Book 2 Chapter 6 an idea is attributed to him by a
character named Miusev. He reports that ...

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The essence of Kierkegaard
Of course the best strategy for reading Kierkegaard is to read everything that he wrote. There’s hardly one of his books that does not have something interesting in it. Moreover he’s unusual as a thinker in that he developed his thought by producing a serie...

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The teleological suspension of the ethical and the great man theory of murder : Raskolnikov and Abraham as knights of faith or murderers
In Crime and punishment Raskolnikov gets into a discussion with Porifry, the investigator, about  an article Raskolnikov wrote for a periodical. Porfiry notices an interesting hint in the article whereby “the extraordinary have the right to commit all sorts...

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On translating Dostoevsky
I first read Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment when I was a
student. I just picked up the Penguin Classics edition from a second hand book
shop. I didn’t think about the translation at all, partly because I knew just
about as much Russian at that time as I ...
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