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Ben Boykin
Owner - Emergent Interactive : Digital Marketing Solutions
Owner - Emergent Interactive : Digital Marketing Solutions

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Does Hootsuite Do This?

Aggregate mentions of a brand name and/or product in forums?

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Google Web Fonts Typographic Project

If you love using Google Fonts as much as me, the next guy or even +Brian Gardner you'll definitely appreciate this resource which pairs up all sorts of font combinations. You'll definitely want to bookmark this resource.

#googlefonts   #typography   #webdesign  

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The Best Royalty Free Stock Images in One Place

Some of you will appreciate the ease of use to find images such as these all in one place. 



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GIF Lovers Rejoice

Just found this via


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Got a Few Minutes to Kill?

If you're anything like me you may find yourself spending just a tad too much time perusing this site.

#newproducts   #apps   #technology  

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SSL Providers Rejoice

#https   #googlesearch   #algorithm  

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Selected Aerial Video Footage
Location: Murphy, NC

I absolutely love the distinctness this medium can provide to businesses marketing efforts.

#aerialvideo   #marketing  

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My Neck of the Woods

It looks like my friend +Tom Stone is wielding his magic once again with some amazing fall shots from the north Georgia mountains.

#northgeorgiamountains   #fall   #blueridgegeorgia  
Fall is Coming to Blue Ridge, Georgia

Here are some 'teaser' images that we've been posting over on our Facebook page. Maybe it's the cooler weather we've been experiencing that has put us in the mood and caused us to look forward to all the fall season in the Georgia mountains afford us.

#fall2014   #blueridgegeorgia   #fallimages  
Blue Ridge, Georgia Fall Teaser Images
4 Photos - View album

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How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You

'This is gold Jerry!

#gmail   #hacks  

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Join the Best College Football Community on Google+

You will not be disappointed.

#collegefootball2014   #googlepluscommunities  
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