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Founded in 2004, MYTHERAPY has since built the reputation as a digital research lab ready to offer colour science, DI and colour grading services. MYTHERAPY practises the highest quality artistic and experimental colour grading that caters to the most sophisticated and demanding tastes. Since its inception MYTHERAPY has serviced more than 80 feature films and numerous high-end commercials. 
MYTHERAPY offers High End Motion Picture Colour Grading services at  the Warner Bros. De Lane Lea’s first luxury 4K Theatre, built to provide the best talent, technology and the latest knowhow.

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More classes:
ICA 210: The Anatomy of Color

NEW DATES! September 11, 2015, Friday (10am - 6pm) 
Cost: $499
The biggest secret for success is understanding how to manipulate the viewer’s mind. To do this you need to comprehend the sensation that occurs when the brain is responding to stimulation from the color receptors in our eyes. The experience of color is different from person to person yet humans were hard–wired to perceive color long before we mastered language. This one-day class is designed for all professionals that are interested in learning the anatomy of color and gaining an in-depth knowledge of how color can take their stories to the next level.
Colorists, Designers, Directors of Photography, Art Directors or any other industry professionals. Applicants must tell us briefly about their career and why they want to know more about color.

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NYC friends!
Manhattan Edit Workshop
9 - 11 September 2015
Feature film colour grading Masterclasses 
Colour Anatomy

ICA 300: Feature Film Color Grading - Colorists Masterclass
NEW DATES! September 9 - 10, 2015, Wednesday & Thursday (10am - 6pm) 
Cost: $1,295
In this two-day course we will be working on a project that was a theatrically released feature film. The feature was shot on Red Epic using anamorphic lenses. We are going to take the film from the preparation for grading through to the final deliverables. Apart from the obvious color grading work we will also take an extensive look at the new features in Resolve V12 for online and mastering from a feature film perspective.

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Film48 48 hour film challenge that MyTherapy had a pleasure to be a part of : 
Team: Body In The Box
Film48 Best Film & Peoples Choice Award Winner.

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2 day advanced class for existing Resolve users. This class includes RAW workflows, Looks, and advanced tracking and secondary keying. A great class for anybody looking to take their grading to the next level.
Remember “It’s more about the Art than the App” 
Colorist Warren Eagles.

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This class is an excellent introduction to DaVinci Resolve V12. It is ideal for first time users and you do not need to be a Colorist to attend. Class size is normally capped at eight-ten students. The class mixes the operational side of Resolve with some practical real world training on workflows, basic color theory, grading approaches and techniques. It is run at a relaxed pace, questions are encouraged and group participation is a key part of the course. You are encouraged to download Resolve Lite and have a play. 
This class is ideal for Junior colorists, editors, DITs, DPs, and VFX guys, basically anybody with a desire to get into color correction.
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