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Alex Whitehall
The one, the only, the genetically unique...
The one, the only, the genetically unique...

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Keeping Focused
One of the hard things about writing, aside from all of it, is keeping focused on the current project. When the words (and ideas) are flowing, it's fairly easy to keep on task. After all, the story wants  to be told, so it seems natural to tell it. Until yo...

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Dogs, Snow, and Marketing
For those of you not following my Twitter and Instagram account: I'm dog-sitting. They are an adorable geriatric corgi and a puppy mini-dachshund (though old enough that he's at his max size). This means there are a lot of little messes to clean up, but tha...

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The Price of Art
If you've illegally downloaded movies, or music, or books (or audiobooks), this is for you.** Now, I'm not generally referring to people under the age of twenty who don't have disposable income, especially if they might be downloading things that their fami...

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January Update!
Wow, the first half of the month has flown by! Partly because it's winter and I want to hide in my bed... But I have still be doing a fairly good job of writing (nerdy biker, mmm) and I finished my first pair of full mittens! I also did a final read (after ...

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Happy New Year!
Normally I do a review of the past year and if I hit my resolutions and all that, but I really don't care this year. Instead, I'm just going to look at the highlights: I published two novellas: Second Skin  and A Christmas for Oscar . I participated in Nano...

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Solstice 2016
For the solstice, which is the longest night of the year, I like to mention those people that bring light into my life. My brother (who I feel I mention every year, and it's not just because he reads my blog!). He really is a great support, someone I can ta...

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Release day: A Christmas for Oscar
I'm excited to announce that A Christmas for Oscar  is now available for download! You can find it here: Nine Star Press Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo All Romance eBooks Smashwords Oscar has never liked the holidays and all the surrounding rigmarole, but tha...

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When Winter Comes a Knockin'
I get a hidin'. Or so it may seem. It's actually just general malaise from the short, dark days (I think 75% of December has been overcast or raining), cold making it hard to move, and trying to be part of three tabletop RPGs, ride horses, and get ready for...

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Having Survived NaNoWriMo
We survived NaNoWriMo. I mean, I hope we did. Hopefully we also hit our word count (or got to where we wanted to be). I wrote 50,075 words, and aside from a few days where I fell behind, I kept up the pace of 1,667 words a day. It taught me a few things, or...

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A Surprise Day Off
After a delightful day spent with my family yesterday, my plans to join my mother on a trip to visit my grandmother were thwarted by a very grumpy stomach. (And since it woke me in the middle of the night for over an hour, that led to a very grumpy Alex as ...
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