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A fine goal for business is to maximize the humanity. That is the profit.
Toyota's bucking the trend - replacing robots with humans to increase efficiency
Car makers have embraced automation and replaced humans with robots for years. But Toyota is deliberately taking a step backward and replacing automated machines in some factories in Japan and creating heavily manual production lines staffed with humans, according to Bloomberg. It's an unconventional choice for a Japanese company. Japan has by far the most industrial...
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Here is how I see it. Money is essentially a zero, split into to equal opposites. Debit and credit.
How banks create money out of thin air.
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On the meeting minds meme, quoting a blog post of mine (mining a blog post for a quote):

"Has this happened to you? In the presence of compatible people, pursuing a worthwhile agenda in live energetic conversation, you can think and say amazingly complex and intelligent things ...
...  with surprising ease. You may come  really close to admitting, "hey, I didn't know that I knew that." Yet, you did know, even if you made it up as you were speaking. 
Such is the power of the convo, amplified by reflecting concepts off other intelligences and thus co-creating new realities. I mean, it used to work around the campfire, it worked on town square, it worked in an office, and it works with virtual connections.
Such authentic aha moments happen in an open space of trust and mutual transparency. Aha flows more easily if there are only participants, no observers, and if there are no recording devices."
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Count me in.
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not so fast....
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More drilling for fossil fuel may push the consequences of peak oil a few months into the future.
Help, please! You have an email address, haven't you. That's all you need. It takes 12 seconds to sign the petition at
We need 100,000 people to sign it before April 1st, 2014. The counter is at 78,073 right now.  Join in and let us stop this. Sign at

See you there, thanks.

#savecanarias #U
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thanks to smart, sharing people like you!
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Full bloom spring in the air.
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"Needed: More Wave Riders

Wave Riders have been with us always, usually unnoticed, or if noticed then treated as a curious exception to the rule. And indeed it often seemed that they were playing by very different rules. There was doubtless a time when we could afford to smile sympathetically at the behavior of the Wave Riders in our midst. When good things happened (the difficult was handled with dispatch, and the impossible achieved with a little more time), we could scratch our heads and wonder at the fabulous run of luck which the Wave Rider obviously enjoyed. It would never occur to us that there might actually be a method in their madness. In fact such thoughts could not occur to us if only because virtually all of our training and experience told us otherwise. Wave Riders were clearly the exception, and we all knew the proper way to do business, what ever that business might be. The critical point was to seize and maintain control in the manner of the Great Man Leader. Only then could good and useful things happen. Or so many of us thought.

The times have changed. The anomalous behavior of the Wave Rider holds a critical clue to new ways of surviving, and indeed thriving, in our chaotic world, enabling all of us to achieve levels of excellence and high performance previously unknown."

Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World
by Harrison Owen
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I see innovation as one of the Venn intersections between positive deviance and established practice. 
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appropriate engineering
"You don't need electricity to send or receive power quickly. In the second half of the nineteenth century, we commonly used fast-moving ropes. These wire rope transmissions were more efficient than electricity for distances up to 5 kilometres. Even today, a nineteenth-century rope drive would be more efficient than electricity over relatively short distances. If we used modern materials for making ropes and pulleys, we could further improve this forgotten method."

with fantastic pics from the days of old.
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