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3D printing in PLA with the Replicator is a dream. I'm printing a large object that I had a lot of trouble with in ABS with curling/splitting, and it's coming out PERFECTLY in PLA. So far I've replaced some broken light switches, printed a Hilbert Cube, a few tanks, chess pieces I designed years ago, and a Quad Rotor Copter (with some friends). Life is good!

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Good insight - it's not just about being able to process Big Data, but also having tools to make the data accessible to business users.

I am having tons of fun playing with Arduinos. It's nice to program in an environment where efficiency matters. When you've only got 32K of RAM, there's no room for bloat. So much fun writing C code again. :-)

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OpenStack is cool.
The cloud for anti-cloud companies

You know how you can run stuff on public cloud computing infrastructure like what my employer, +Rackspace Hosting or our competiton, whether it be, Microsoft, +Joyent or Google are hosting?

Well, we keep hearing of companies that can't use public cloud solutions for a variety of reasons, whether management is scared of letting data off site, or regulatory concerns. Healthcare or defense workloads, for instance, are tough to run on public clouds, among many others.

+OpenStack is changing where you can run cloud infrastructure. Many companies will offer OpenStack-based services, which reduces lockin, but now you can run OpenStack wherever you want -- and get Rackspace's support. Today we announced that we run your own cloud for you anywhere you want.

This is just one of a bunch of announcements coming over the next few months about OpenStack (did you see that Deutsche Telekom backed OpenStack today too? ).

When our management first announced OpenStack would be open sourced and given to the community I thought it was a brilliant idea. I just had no idea the kinds of support it would gather in just a year or two.

It's yet another reason why I love working at Rackspace.

Oh, speaking of which, +The Next Web's +Hermione Way is broadcasting from our headquarters all week. I'll be on a startup bus tomorrow heading that way with a group of people starting companies. SXSW is gonna be a lot of fun this year! More from the road starting tomorrow.

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Crisply is amazing - it figures our what you've been doing from docs, email, etc. Not only does it mean that you don't need to manually track time, but it's more accurate than manual time tracking. That is, if your work is in documents and email. You still need to track 'offline' work. :-)
Crisply is now in the Google Apps Marketplace. It took a little over a week to get through the approval process.

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Wow. I bet Hollywood options this for a movie.

"Possum broke into the local bakery and ate so many pastries he couldnt move! This is how the bakery owners found him!!"!/Hoppy_Jnr/status/176214153453772800/photo/1

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This is appropriate in so many ways!

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My brother-in-law rocks!

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Facts vs. Repub's agan...
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