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Mark Farias

I'm running my first Fate game next month, a solar system space noir shoot 'em up based on Cowboy Bebop. One of my players wants to be a psychic whose can hack into computers systems with no gear. I was wondering how you all would emulate this in game terms. 

I used to make up mini-campaigns by naming the scenarios first with a common theme in their titles and then come up with what would likely happen in an episode with such a name.

I'm planning a Cowboy Bebop game with Serenity/Firefly style influences, so I was looking over old notes from aborted Serenity game and I found the title list that I never fleshed out.

I'm thinking about using this for my up-coming game, so I was wondering, 1) has anyone else used this campaign method (and how well did it work out) and 2) what do you think would happen in a Cowboy Bebop scenarios with these titles? 

One Eyed Jack
Twos' Are Wild
Three Card Monty
Four of a Kind
Five Card Draw
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