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Court Ewing
Software developer and open source advocate.
Software developer and open source advocate.

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I have finally gotten around to finishing the followup to my previous blog article entitled "How PHP is Broken and How it Can Be Fixed". As I mentioned in the comments and in a subsequent update to the original article, I took the post in an entirely different direction than I originally intended, and I ended up getting across a message that seemed far more about criticizing the core developers rather than exploring practical solutions to real problems. This new article aims to correct that mistake.

I wish I could change which circles a post is shared with. I just posted an article to my "developer" circle that I would have preferred to share publicly.

I am in need of some images that are around 5mb in size. I'd preferably like to find one that is a little smaller than 5mb and one that is a little larger than 5mb. Can anyone help me out?

Cat logic is infallible: "I know I'm not allowed to play on your desk, so I am going to just knock everything off your desk, so I can play with it on the floor! I'll take your stern no and finger-wag as approval."

Folks using twitter: have you come up with any method to the madness of posting status updates to twitter as well as google+? I don't necessarily mean automation; do you simply duplicate your status updates, do you post certain types of status updates here and other types to twitter, or are you finding yourself using one of the services more at the expense of the other?

I believe I am abnormally kind to recruiters: I respond to most of their emails even to simply say that I am not interested, and if any of the positions do sound decent enough, I happily pass their contact information off to other developers that are job seeking.

However, if you are a recruiter and you contact me with one or two sentences that do not describe the position nor the company in the slightest bit, I will ignore you. If you contact to me in this manner more than once, I will report you as spam.

How do recruiters that do this even stay in business? Surely they can't be pulling in good talent with practices like that.

Hmm. All of my starred music from yesterday on Spotify are gone (about 2000 tracks). Are "starred" tracks only suppose to remain starred for a single session?

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Why am I being prompted to enable chat for my circles every time I open Google+? I already enabled it the first time! The circles I chose are even being pre-populated.
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