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Creativity Honesty Integrity
Creativity Honesty Integrity

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Learners, Welcome
to FIN 201 Business Finance. Course
Objective: The
basic objective of this course is to impart basic knowledge and required skills
of business finance to students to understand the nature and functions of
finance and to professionally...

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A brief history of finance and my life at Chicago An essay by Eugene F. Fama Original Source: I first came to the business school at Chicago as a student
in 1960. Before then, I ...

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Evaluation Form of Field Visit
Group Name: Title Weight Score A)
Field Trip (Attitude,
Group Work, Grace and Courtesy etc.) 25% B)
Report 50%      Background                             10%    Objective 5%             Review
of literature                             5%    Methodo...

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Field Visit Report Guideline
Field Visit Report Guideline Field
trips provide opportunities to students to observe study and explore the
organization or site to get a down to earth understanding of material learned
in the classroom. Students are expected to submit a field trip report a...

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MGT 203: Organizational Behavior- Final Notes
July 22, 2016 Dear
Learners, In
our previous sessions we have completed Unit 6: Motivation and Job Satisfaction and Unit 7: Groups and Teams in
Organizations. Meanwhile, students are informed to please prepare your
upcoming presentations accordingly...

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MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Mid Term Exam Feedback
July 5, 2016 Section ‘A’ Dear Learners, Congratulations,
on completing your Organization Behavior Mid Term Exams. I went through your
Answers Sheet and have finished assessing your papers. Do find the score sheet
in the attachment below and collect...

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MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Personality
June 4, 2016 Dear Learners, In our last
session of Personality ,
we learned about determinants of Personality, Personality Theories and
Personality Factors affecting OB. The classification of people into different
types of personality has facilita...

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Wednesday, May
25, 2016 Dear Learners, In today’s
session we learnt learning, its concept, features and theories evolving with
it. Learning occurs in our everyday life. From basic skills like learning to
walk in toddler to complex skills of programming in a...

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MGT 203: Organizational Behavior-Classwork
Saturday, May 14, 2016 Dear Learners, In today’s session of MGT
203: Organizational Behavior. We discussed about “How to prepare a
compelling and confident public speaking/ presentation.” As you know Public Speaking is an
art. It comes with lot of practice ...
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