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Prof. Pranab kumar Bhattacharya
I'mProf.Pranab Kr.Bhattacharya.61 yrs 10 months . s/o late Bholanath &lateMrsBaniBhattacharya of permanentaddress -7/51Purbapalli,Sodepur
I'mProf.Pranab Kr.Bhattacharya.61 yrs 10 months . s/o late Bholanath &lateMrsBaniBhattacharya of permanentaddress -7/51Purbapalli,Sodepur


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Rashtriya Pratibha awards ( for higher talented personality in India) of Indo socio Development Association ( to Dr.Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya to be conferred on 13 th march 2018
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Will you please Like or Desire to nominate Professor Dr Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya/ Mr Rupak Bhattacharya for the Albert Einstein award -2019 in Astronomy / Theoretical physics for the published articles

1] Tachyon- Faster than Light Particle Exist in Our Universe or an Imaginary Mathematical Particle published in International Journal of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science Pages: 12-29 | Vol. 2, No. 3, June 2015

2] The Cosmic Web, the Seed of Galaxies- Are Also Made of
Warm Intergalactic Medium(WHIM) and Dark Energy? published in Global journal of Science and Frontier Research (A) Physics and Space science (GJSFR (A) Vol17,issue1 version 1 p-57-

3] Where from Mass came in the universe? Did the mass originated from a zero rest mass less particle in higgs field Published in journal Research & Reviews: Journal of Space Science & Technology (RRJoSST) vol 5 issue 3 ;2016 p 42-69
Please see URL
About the journal URL

4] Schrödinger cat's experiment's interpretation and parallel universe or multiple universes published at Research & Reviews: Journal of Space Science & Technology (RRJoSST) vol 5 issue 1;2016 p 35-52…/research-reviews-journal-of-sp…
all these articles authors are -:
Authors are Rupak Bhattacharya, Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya, Upasana Bhattacharya, Ritwik Bhattacharya, Rupsa Bhattacharya, Ayishee Mukherjee, Dalia Mukherjee, Hindol Banerjee, Debasis Mukherjee, Ronak Vyas / or Runa Mitra

Please note very carefully that all these three(03) articles mentioned above are also published under strict copyright control acts & rules of intellectual Property Right of authors only in chronology under all applicable rules of IPR ,RDF ,PIP acts 2012 US and copy right acts and not of journal editorials members or journals where( published) concerns and any kinds of plagiarism( public dissemination of any single scientific meaning full sentence / contents or any injury to authors or comments / application in any field what so ever form it is / fair use/ personal use / commercial use or infringement of copy right by any personals worldwide or fb users (except by authors ) will face suit of few hundred billions uro dollars civil suits including criminals proceedings including capital punishment for him/ her/ organization ( what ever it is) as per IPR laws and acts RDF and PIP laws and acts. So be extremely cautious to use any contents from these published articles. You are just allowed to read the articles and like or dislike .no down load /print /storages in any electronic or optic medium or share or in bibliography is allowed by authors for ever

Call for Nominations 2019
The World Cultural Council is now accepting nominations for the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science and the José Vasconcelos World Award of Education 2019 Awards.

Nominations must be submitted by December 18, 2018.

Nominees for the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science -2019 should be eminent scientists whose achievements can serve as an inspiration for future generations. Considerations will be given to individuals or institutions in one of the Astronomy , Life Sciences, Neuroscience, Earth Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine or Chemistry; or in one of the Natural Sciences such as Physics, Mathematics or Astronomy Astrobiology . The prize is awarded every year.

A candidate for the “José Vasconcelos” World Award of Education should be a renowned educator, an authority in the field of teaching, or someone who has brought about visionary development in education policy . Through his/her work, the individual or team should have had a significantly positive influence on the quality and reach of teaching and learning in our society. The prize is awarded every second year.

In addition to considering the candidate´s breakthrough achievements, the jury will also contemplate the service which each has made to mankind and his/her qualities as a role model who inspires future generations to contribute to a better world.

Self-nominations are not accepted strictly . Renomination of previous nominees is possible and encouraged.

For more than three decades the World Cultural Council has been recognizing individuals that have made exceptional achievements in science, education and the arts, seeking to encourage the use of these fields to further the well-being of humanity, with the final objective to promoting tolerance, peace and fraternity.

The Interdisciplinary Committee evaluates the candidates nominated for the “Albert Einstein”, the “José Vasconcelos” and the “Leonardo da Vinci” Awards. Prizes are given to those whose work has had a significantly positive impact on the cultural legacy of mankind. The high level of the jury, comprised of world-renowned and eminent individuals in their respective fields, enhances the prestige of the awards.

“The World Cultural Council is committed to the recognition of achievements in scholarship, creativity and altruism. It believes that science, education and the arts hold the key to the future of humanity. They are the building blocks of culture.” – Professor Sir Colin Blakemore, President WCC

Please contact us for any further assistance by e-mail at: and
Who can nominate an individual
Nominating Authorities for the Prizes
Candidates for the awards may be selected and proposed only through the following authorities in any country:

The President or the Prime Minister of a country
Ministers of Science and Technology or Culture and Education
Directors of institutes and organisations
Vice chancellor / Rectors of universities
Members of the World Cultural Council
Outstanding personalities in science and culture

Nomination Form and Requirements
Please provide all information requested on the form

Click to see the information
1. Nomination Letter. Letterhead of official institution stamp and personal signature.
2. Two reference letters. Letterhead of official institution stamp and personal signature.
3. A one or two page resume with the grounds for nominating the candidate and a list of the important achievements for the benefit of mankind, in a clear statement.
4. Candidate’s curriculum vitae (three pages maximum).
5. A list of the candidate’s 10 most important papers.
6. A list of all his/her publications (articles, books) with titles translated into English.
7. Candidate´s recent photograph in color (mandatory to be included in high resolution 300 dpi or more).
Hard copy of the Nomination and a copy of Candidate´s major publications must be sent by Courier service. Please contact us for further details. Thank you.
The “Leonardo da Vinci” World Award of Arts may be conferred upon a renowned artist, sculptor, writer, poet, cinematographer, photographer, architect, musician or other performing artist, whose work constitutes a significant contribution to the artistic legacy of the world.
For the “da Vinci” Award only: Hard copy of the Nomination and a list of all the candidate’s major works with titles in their original language and translated into English. Audio, visual and/or printed material showing the candidate´s work publications must be sent by Courier service. Please contact us for further details. Thank you.

Please use our Online Nomination Form to fill in the data and upload the required attachments.…/online-nomination-…/

After doing so, please send a separate e-mail to c/c confirming that you have submitted a nomination through the website.

Otherwise you can fill in the information as above and send the nomination by email.

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t is called Ig Nobel prize . The Ig Nobel Prizes are organised by the magazine Annals of Improbable Research. The ceremony is co-sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Society of Physics Students and the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. The Ig Nobel Prizes honour achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.[ winners since 1991 2017 ] The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative — and spur people's interest in science, medicine[ ] , and technology. Every year, in a gala ceremony in Harvard's university Sanders Theater, 1200 splendidly eccentric spectators watch the winners step forward. This year prize was given on 14 th September 2017 at Harvard sanders hall . These are physically handed out by genuinely bemused genuine Nobel laureates
Please see how to nominate a person and who are eligible nominators for 2018 prize For nomination purpose please click on URL You can nominate anyone, 9So far very few self-nominees have won a Prize. the first was the team of Baerheim and Sandvik in 1996) Please include enough basic info (Who is the nominee? What, exactly, did they do that makes people LAUGH, then THINK? Where is that documented?) that the Ig Nobel Board of Governors can properly consider the nominee.
CONFIDENTIALITY. All nominations are handled in strict confidence. The Ig Nobel Board of Governors prides itself on its incompetence, especially its demonstrated ability to lose all records as to when, where, and how who nominated whom for what. for Rules and regulation how to nominate Click on URL

Will you Please consider yourself to act as a Nominator of Ig Nobel & will like to nominate( for 2018 prize ) the name of Professor Dr Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya for his Published article in the year 2013 titled "Is there science behind the near-death experience: Does human consciousness survives after death?" published in journal Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health of AHRO [ The Africa Health Research Organization Publishes the ATMPH & Wolters Kluwer - Medknow assists in the publication] Year : 2013 | Volume : 6 | Issue : 2 | Page : 151-165 date of Publication 14-Aug-2013; DOI: 10.4103/1755-6783.116491
URL Click for Full Text:;year=2013;volume=6;issue=2;spage=151;epage=165;aulast=Bhattacharya
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
Department of Pathology, School of Tropical Medicine, 108, C. R. Avenue; Kolkata, West Bengal, India 70973

Correspondence Address now :
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
Professor ( on Detailment Post) Department of Pathology, School of Tropical Medicine, 108, C. R. Avenue; Kolkata, West Bengal India
the Email id

The article matrix are Viewed =1,13, 666 ; Printed= 145 Emailed = 5
PDF Downloaded =22 , citations=6 ( Links of citations of this article are given bellow a) Nahtoderlebnisse und Naturwissenschaft Geschrieben von Cornelia Fitsch at News paper UNIQUE citations no 5,9 &13 URL (b) Payton Yerke
Professor Christensen English 2010 21 October 2014 The Science of Ghosts and the Essence of the Human Soul Citation No -1 in bibliography page 12
Pdf File url…/2010-argumentative-2nd-payton-yerke.p… (c) Pdf File URL= (d) article No 16… ( e) at Google Scholar Citations… & [f] at Research gate Citations

Article URL is;year=2013;volume=6;issue=2;spage=151;epage=165;aulast=Bhattacharya
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
Department of Pathology, School of Tropical Medicine, 108, C. R. Avenue; Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Correspondence Address now :
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
Professor ( on Detailment Post) Department of Pathology, School of Tropical Medicine, 108, C. R. Avenue; Kolkata, West Bengal India
the Email id
The article matrix Viewed 1,13, 666 Printed 145 Emailed 5
PDF Downloaded 22 citation 4
Please Send the followings with his nominations about his biography and Short CV by providing URL link or after down load as attachments file orand in hard copies

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Will like/ or Desire To Nominate Professor Dr.Pranab kumar Bhattacharya for 2018 awards? Any person can nominate as per Rules in

about-the-right-livelihood-award --> Presented annually in Stockholm, the Right Livelihood Award is usually shared by four Recipients. The prize money shared by all Laureates is SEK 3 million ( in 2017) but not always all Laureates must receive a cash award. Often an Honorary Award is given to a person or group whose work the Jury wishes to recognise but who is not primarily in need of monetary support. The prize money is for ongoing successful work, never for personal use.
Unlike the Nobel Prizes and most other international prizes, the Right Livelihood Award has no specific categories. It recognises that, in striving to meet the human challenges of today’s world, the most inspiring and remarkable work often defies any standard classification.

The Right Livelihood Award is not an award for the world’s top most political, scientific or economic elite, but an award for the people and their work and struggles for a better future. The Laureates come from all walks of life: they are farmers, teachers, doctors, or simply, concerned citizens. The Right Livelihood Award accepts all proposals from everyone through an open nomination process in English .
The presentation of the Right Livelihood Award is only the start of a long relationship between the Laureate and the Foundation. The Foundation sees its role as being the megaphone and shield for the Laureates, and provides them with long-term support.
Proposals, preferably to be written in English, need to be submitted both electronically and also as a paper copy via regular mail to our office in Geneva. Please send only one copy, preferably printed double-sided. If possible, use encrypted email (more information below).
The deadline for submission of proposals to be valid for the 2018 year is March 1 of 2018. Any proposals received after this date will normally be held for consideration in the following year.

Thank you for your co-operation. I look forward to hearing from you for 2018 nomination by last date 1.03.2018

Postal Address to send nomination

Right Livelihood Award Foundation
Geneva office
Maison de la Paix
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2e, Building 5
1202 Geneva

How to nominate a person please click on (public key 95EDBB19)

The following guidelines are for anyone wishing to propose a candidate( No self nomination is entertained or allowed) for the Right Livelihood Award. Prospective proposers who have not had previous contact with the Foundation are advised to contact us via email with brief information before making a formal nomination submission.

From the Nominator
The proposer should be someone who knows/ may not knows the proposed person/organisation well, is familiar with their aims and goals, and can vouch for their bonafides. No more than one new candidate may be proposed in any one year. The proposer may consult the candidate in advance but may also choose to remain anonymous.
Note: If a proposer chooses not to contact the candidate, please make sure to submit the proposal in good time before the deadline so that the candidate has sufficient time to reply to the questions.
1. Full address, e-mail and phone (if available) of self and proposed candidate.
2. Nature and length of relationship with the candidate, mentioning professional, financial or political links, if any.
3. The proposer's expertise relevant to this proposal, mentioning his/her occupation.
4. Indication, with brief reasons, of whether the proposal is intended for a cash or Honorary Award. The Honorary Award is for candidates whose primary need is not cash support but who would benefit from the considerable recognition and publicity, which the Right Livelihood Award generates.

5. A brief summary (no more than 200 words) of the candidate’s work. This paragraph will be the first information our jury receives about the candidate.

6. A statement setting out in more detail the reasons for the proposal and the candidate's special qualifications for an Award.

7. An assurance that the candidate's work is sufficiently mature to justify a Right Livelihood Award. An Award is likely to generate enquiries, requests for visits etc., from people wanting to learn about the project. We do not expect candidates to have facilities for visitors or for dealing with large numbers of enquiries, but we do expect them to be ready and able to share their knowledge.

8. Wherever possible, information about other individuals/organisations engaged in similar work. Submission of such information by the proposer is very valuable for the jury in order to make a comparative assessment.

9. Wherever possible, the names and contact details of two other qualified individuals or organisations who know the candidate well and who we could contact as references in case we have more questions. At least one of these, again where possible, should come from the candidate's country of residence

please for details read from Wikipedia on Right Livelihood Award

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So far From India (since 1980-2016) this award was given to followings
1] Lokayan in 1985 2] Ladakh Ecological Development Group / Helena Norberg-Hodge in 1986 3] Chipko movement in 1987 4] Narmada Bachao Andolan in 1991 5] Vandana Shiva writer in 1993 6] People's Science Movement of Kerala (Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad) in 1996 7] Swami Agnivesh / Asghar Ali Engineer in 2003 8 Ruth Manorama in 2006 8] Krishnammal Jagannathan and Sankaralingam Jagannathan LAFTI in 2008
To nominate following links will help-:
For Short Biography of Professor Dr Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya please
click on

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