G+: damming the stream: Networks & Frontiers

(yet another post on improving the G+ new user experience... this one with an international slant)

examples of legitimate concerns:
- +Jaana Nyström: would like finns to find more finns through the SUL
- +Youssef Hachhouch wonders how G+ will "cater to each possible community in a tailored way"
- +M Sinclair Stevens suggests that G+ provides better guidance "built into the sign up experience"

what do i think?
-from all my experience in interfaces & design, i see no way to do that without creating "frontiers" - which is so much not what the internet is like & what google (at its best) would like to be.

i see two extremes:
1. example: myself: a (k)no(w)mad, a flaneur, a w(o)(a)nderer, someone with very specific tastes who likes to take a wide view of what is out there, from his mountain peak & then zoom in / focus on what tickles. i want to see chinese posts even if i don't read chinese. games without frontiers...
2. example: the britney spears fan that joins G+ only to see britney's posts...

in between those two extremes you have most people. depending on which end of the spectrum they are, they will use, more or less, metrics, ratings, gurus, curators & chance in their reading experience. how do you help them as google? you don't - the network itself will

what do YOU think?

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