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Why continue to stockpile old hardware in your office. More and more the business world thrusts towards remote office solutions. With mobile technology like tablets, smartphones and laptops it’s becoming essential for your office to virtually be on you and your employees at all times. Don’t miss a beat, conduct business from anywhere in the world, increase employee efficiency and increasing business productivity. You have the vision; let RDPSystems bring it to life.

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In volume one we broke down some of the many ways business cloud solutions can launch your small business far ahead of its competitors but those weren’t the only ways. Not only does the cloud save businesses money on staff and infrastructure but it also provides the utility of a Multi User Interface.  This ability allows colleagues, coworkers, or employees the ability to work on the same project or material without affecting each other and do so at the same time. Its scalability allows users to be added and removed at any time. This proves as another way cloud services maximize business productivity.
As a small business takes advantage of the clouds multi user capabilities it will also gain the benefits of the cloud’s real time data updating. One employee can be updated on the work of another and with some coordination can continue work, helping productivity again and effectively smoothen the flow of work. One of the greatest perks that come hand in hand with business cloud integration is the level of reliability and security that it provides. Business data is stored at a variety of locations and at several data centers helping ensure the safety of the data. Cloud Backup Solutions come with some of the latest firewalls and encryption methods offering a level security that is unmatched in the industry. Only users who are authenticated and allowed access can tap into your businesses data.
One of the worst things that can happen to a business is the loss of a hard drive and its data. Depending on the field of the business, lost data can ruin a business completely. Cloud Providers eliminate this risk by providing paid data backup options. On the cloud if a pc in the office fails the data remains safe and accessible no matter what. Additional to this protection is the benefit of top of the line customer services allowing for seamless troubleshooting keeping your business on task with little to no delay. Backup process can be personalized to take place when employs are out of the office and can be further customized to be backed up once or day or once every fifteen minutes. Using companies Cloud Backup Providers like RDP Systems in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, allow you the flexibility to set up a backup solution that suits the unique needs of your unique business.
Today, small businesses can benefit greatly from specialization companies like cloud providers. Using the services and abilities of specialized companies who have mastered their industry can help all businesses involved grow together and can essentially match the power of major companies all over the world at a quarter of the cost. Contact your local firm for Business IT Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens, and see what options are out there for your business. You will be surprised how affordable quickly applicable an industry leading Cloud Solution can be for your company. You have seen the light now use your knew acquired knowledge and blaze a trail for your business leaving your rivals in the dust. Contact RDP Systems and get the ball rolling today.
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RDP Clients vary in size and industry. The Cloud #Backup and Recovery Service they receive is capable of adapting to the needs of every business, effectively handling private, public and hybrid #cloud set ups. While ensuring the reliable protection of all client #data, RDP & Asigra effectively evolve to their client’s ever changing backup and protection plans to improve compliance and security. For more information call us at (561) 603-7481.

Business Cloud Solutions Palm Beach Gardens, FL: The Cloud makes all the Difference: Volume 1

All new #businesses need a base amount of capital to be used in jump starting the business. That amount used in the initial investment determines a great deal about the initial infrastructure of that business. In the past that initial investment typically had to be quite high. Today, #technology has provided small business the means of acquiring the abilities of major business and using them for their small scale operation. #Cloud Solutions for the office allow a small business to operate with the speed, performance and reliability of major corporations without blowing their capital for it.  For a new business to survive in today’s business world saving on costs and maximizing on profits has never been more important. Business #CloudSolutions allow a small business the infrastructure for unlimited business growth while maintaining quality performance and productivity.

Cloud #Computing is typically used by an individual or business to host its data and applications on a server belonging to third party provider. Small businesses benefit from this service due to its reliability, array of options, and monthly affordability. No longer does a small business have to invest in expensive servers, hard drives and computing infrastructure. All data is backed up and secured in secure locations outside of the workplace yet instantly accessible from the workplace. This #data is then monitored and managed by established #IT professionals. No longer does a small business have to employ the expertise of several staff salaries for the purpose of IT management. The cloud provider serves as an entire IT team for a small monthly cost affordable by virtually all small businesses. 

One of the beauties of cloud backup solutions by companies like RDP Systems is the pay as you go system typically used by cloud providers. This monthly payment reduces a great deal of operational costs without sacrificing reliability, speed, performance or security. This IT solution sets the framework for a small business to pave its way ahead of its competition through the use of superior technology and office efficiency. The small business using the cloud pays for what they use while its competition invests into expensive low quality, unnecessary equipment and staff and is therefore already inferior with regards to profits and revenue from the very beginning. 

An added bonus in cloud backup services for a small business is the anytime, anywhere factor. Since data from the office is not “in” the office but rather in a virtual server. It can be accessed from anywhere, whenever needed, by only those given permission. Using a laptop, tablet, pc, smart phone or other personal internet connected devices an employee can conduct business at all times, anytime, anywhere. This lays the groundwork for tremendous business productivity and unlimited potential. Today small businesses are able to employ the expertise of professionals who are not located in the same state or even same country. This if used the right way can eliminate the need for premises work. Meaning a business can run without paying rent on a large office. This saves more cost and with the use of better professionals in different places allows a company to maximize productivity and quality of work. These are just a few ways that business cloud solutions in Palm Beach Gardens from industry leading companies like RDP Systems can make a business operate like a corporation and experiences the successes as one as well.  Read on to Volume Two and see other ways Business Cloud Solutions makes all the difference. 

Business Cloud Solutions Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Make Your Business’ Daily IT Matters Much More Efficient

Today there are a multitude of businesses whose core foundation is Information Technology (IT). This can be in the form of documents which contain valuable #data, projects which require transnational collaboration, presentations for clients or whatsoever your firm may need advanced #IT for. All of these necessities make your business IT solutions the core indicator of business efficiency and performance. We know today that IT will probably never stop expanding with new capabilities and new features which make all of our lives easier. While it’s true that keeping “up-to-date” with the trends is near impossible, advanced IT solutions are essential to tolerable business performance.

No firm operates without direct competition. #Companies which operate in direct competition always find the need to excel over their competitor and even when the company has little need for #Information Technology in their workplace, often it is the amount of IT they incorporate which makes the difference. The best example of incorporating advanced IT in your business in a way which will always aid your firm’s progress is business #cloud solutions. #Cloudsolutions are the 21st century’s most important advent to business data #storing and management. Formerly, every company which was worth its salt in the market had loads of data on external #harddrive disks which their computers would dip into to use data and for mass #datastorage. Business cloud storage had replaced all of that and it has led to massive advancements in business efficiency.

Business Cloud Solutions provided by your local business IT firm in Palm Beach Gardens, FL are capable of bringing everyone on the same page. There is always one central system of data which everyone may reference using a shared #network. All your data is always accessible on that network which you use. This allows every employee to have access to the same data without either compromising another employee’s work or causing #dataloss. With business cloud solutions, the central data server will always be looked after and maintained by experienced IT professionals at your local advanced business IT firm like #RDPSystems. Cloud data is the here and now, as well as the future. It is what every major company is using today and what all firms must use in order to compete. Advanced cloud solutions include cloud #computing which allows businesses to utilize any device, including #tablets, #smartphones and some televisions to perform complicated #datamanagement using external computing power. These are advanced IT options which benefit many businesses today who need to present or compute massive about of data quickly while mobile.

Ask your local firm for Business Cloud Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens, FL whether your company can benefit from business cloud solutions like those offered at RDP Systems. Your company’s efficiency is important to revenue and forward progress and business cloud solutions can help you and your business achieve your goals.

Data Backup Palm Beach Gardens, FL – RDP Systems: The Debate: Archiving or Backup

Small and mid-size businesses often find themselves debating between the differences between #archiving and backing up. The fact is, these processes are completely different, serve different objectives and can’t occur simultaneously. The major debate in regards to archiving versus backup is centered on their differences in compliance, governance and #security

To better understand the differences between the two we must take a deeper look into their true purposes and how they actually work.  An archive is just a stored set of organized #data and the goal is to achieve a comprehensible data set over extended periods of time in a way that allows intricate data retrievable.  For business fields that are in heavily regulated industries like those of legal, banking, healthcare and securities.

Data that is archived is capable of being stored on an array of devices like disk, cloud and tape. Though both have great benefits, we must determine the amount of time we need to keep our archived data and the most cost conscious way of doing so for the good of a company and without losing archive integrity.

What many people don’t understand is an archive must be able to work with various data collections all while handling each with the same amount of integrity for everything from single unique data records originating in a #database as well as entire documents and files. An archives access speed is typically slow but its reliability should be unmatched. While that archive exists, the integrity of its data must be managed and kept over the archives entire life. 

Backups address an entirely different issue or concern. The backup exists to provide a secondary source of data for use when a primary source of data gets destroyed or becomes corrupted.  A Backup is designed for short term storage because it undergoes constant updates, the old data prior to the update is obsolete and therefore has no need for storage, and only the latest update exists. 

Users need their backups to be conveniently accessed and quickly implemented. The information backed up is designed to exist for several months and be available with its integrity intact. Depending on the backup set size, a backup will be able to cover #multimedia data entirely. Backups also are helpful in that they typically are capable of enabling different backup options like a differential backup, incremental backup and a full backup.

Businesses looking to maintain great deals of information spanning over years for possible access in the future should be looking into archiving. Most businesses are looking for recovery of lost or damaged data used in the daily operations of their enterprise and for this, they will need a dynamic backup solution like those implemented by companies like RDP Systems based in South Florida. Contact an IT consultant for your backup in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and see just what it is your business actually needs. 

#Databackup and #computerdisasterrecovery   is so important for any business. If all of your files and important information is lost for any reason, you will need to be able to retrieve it or deal with the consequences associated with such a loss. This is where RDP Systems comes in.

Ever since the computer first became a staple in office environments, people have been dealing with the issue of data loss. Fear not however, because there are companies which specialize in data recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. RDP Systems is one such company which can help you in the event of a loss of data. There are many reasons people experience data loss, yet prevention and recovery are about the same for each. Here are some of the top causes for data loss which people experience.

Human Error:

Everybody makes mistakes, that’s just life. However, don’t let human error be the reason you lose all of your data. People delete files on accident all the time. Many are embarrassed at admit it, but operator mistakes are one of the leading causes of data loss. When it happens it’s frustrating, but your situation is not always hopeless. When you accidently empty your computer’s trash bin only to realize that an important file was there by mistake, don’t despair because RDP Systems offers solutions to just that sort of problem. Accidental formatting is another way people unknowingly delete their important files. Formatting strips all data off a drive so it returns to its stock settings.

Another human error which can be much more costly is corporal damage. We don’t always pay really close attention to what we’re doing, so it’s not uncommon for coffee to get spilled on a laptop keyboard or a computer to get dropped to the ground. Hard drives are spinning discs which are very susceptible to damage. Dropping your computer or spilling on it doesn’t mean your data is gone forever, but it’s better to be careful and not let it happen in the first place!

Security Issues:

Just like a human can catch a cold, so can a computer. Viruses and malware are serious problems which should be dealt with right away. If for some reason a virus does manage to get by your security software, and it does happen, it can be devastating to your files. It’s important to make sure you’re running the latest anti-virus software to prevent a cyber-attack. If your computer does fall victim to malware, there is a chance your data can be recovered.

General drive failures are common as well, yet they are not the result of human error. Things break, it happens. If you hear strange noises coming from your machine then it may indicate something is wrong with your drive. File corruption, also known as logical error, can be the result of a failing hard drive which needs to be replaced.

A Higher Power:

Sometimes data loss is simply the result of natural disasters. Power outages or surges can harm a hard drive, as can lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes and fire. There is no predicting events like these so it’s best to have a company who specializes in data recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL like RDP Systems help you with your data recovery.

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What makes RDP Systems the number one choice for all businesses?  In one word, Asigra!  At RDP, we ensure all our clients receive the best technology the industry has to offer.  This comes in the form of Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery Software.  Read testimonials, linked below, to see for yourself that RDP Systems is the best for data recovery and file protection.

Need Disaster Recovery in West Palm Beach, FL?

Local companies usually find themselves considering making a switch to a totally paperless workplace. This means putting everything you have in those gigantic filling cabinets safely in the cloud. We know, those filing cabinets have been the backbone of your business for years, how can you really trust the cloud? Data recovery is big business these days, just ask any business effects by a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado. If all your important files are sitting in the basement of your business and disaster happens, what are you going to do? If you have disaster recovery service from a company like RDP Systems you won’t have to worry about losing everything because we have all your important information stored safely and securely on our servers.

A hosting service like RDP Systems provides specially maintained facilities in which to store and retrieve data at our customer’s convenience.  Certified hosting services can store and manage your information with their secure, safe and optimized facilities. They can host your data and make sure that it is protected. One of the benefits of data hosting and recovery services from RDP Systems is the pay as you go schedule. Monthly payments reduces a great deal of operational costs without surrendering dependability, speed, performance or safety.

RDP Systems offers the following services to all of our customers:

Cloud Services
Data Backup
Data Recovery
Spam Control
Remote Office Solutions
IT Services

RDP Systems in West Palm Beach, FL only employs skilled IT specialists who know the ins and outs of data storage. At RDP Systems, your data is our priority. Call today for more information about how we can help give you peace of mind that your data is safe.

No matter what size your business, your data is the most important thing you have. Businesses which don’t back up their data using a secure hosting and secure backup system in Palm Beach Gardens, FL are risking losing everything. Cloud computing services from a company that specializes in data recovery and cloud solutions like RDP Systems can help protect your valuable data from disaster. Here are the top reasons to trust your #cloudbackup and #recovery to the #data professionals at RDP Systems.
1) Regular #backups are essential to ensuring your information is always intact and available. Some companies conduct #databackups very infrequently. RDP Systems constantly updates your information so you recover everything you need after a disaster.
2) Off site hosting ensures that should something happen to your building, all of your data is safely stored at an off-site facility. Your servers are housed in a safe and #secure location so you never have to worry about not being able to access your information.
3) When disaster does strike, RDP Systems offers super-fast system restores so you don’t have to worry about your business wasting time and money waiting for your system to come back online.
4) Some are wary to enter the cloud, but the user friendly systems set up by RDP Systems are easy to learn and use for people from all walks of life. Even those who are not tech-savvy will have no problem using the cloud thanks to RDP Systems.
5) Bringing your business into the cloud can improve your efficiency and save your business money in the long run. Don’t be the only company left using paper when all of your files can be accessed via smartphone or tablet with ease.
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