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June Benedict Parreno
I'm just me, that's all you need to know~ :D
I'm just me, that's all you need to know~ :D

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We're better off ignoring those who keep on insulting us or question us even if we ourselves did nothing wrong.


Is Mawaru Penguindrum good?

I am just waiting for google groups and google pages and sites to be integrated to google plus.

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I want my own papermoon. lulz.

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Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love~ :3

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Jesus H. Christ. When will these Bishops shut up? The Exhibit is just a way for the artist to show off how "idol worship" has evolved through the ages, from stone idols, to movie stars and celebrities. D:

So much for 2014, talo Azkals. :o

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Love the music~ :D

pahirapan nanaman sa paghanap ng anime torrents.
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