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Considering all modern MIDI controllers have ability to communicate via USB you might think it will be quite nice to connect MIDI keyboard we built directly to USB port on your PC? That’s exactly what we are going to do. Belo...
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I'm relatively a newbie in the field of electronics to do with musical instruments. I'm interested to do a project which involves using an instrument like the djembe to recreate the sound of a snare drum in all aspects. That is even after damping the skin. I find it doable after seeing the exceptional use of fsrs on the toy keyboard you have used... Could you please advise me as to how to go about it ?? And probably which books to read ??

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After playing with Typesafe Activator I've spotted interesting template: reactive-stocks. The template simulates live data feed of stock prices and allows to look up market sentiments (buy/hold) via RESTful search requests to...
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Hi Jen,
Well, here I am a year later and here's what I have. I only have 1 set of contact available on the organ and that set has to trigger several systems, so each key triggers its own 4066 chip providing 4 analog switches, one set of these switches will provide Note On for MIDI. I have also installed 2 FRS strips under the keys (I needed 41" total to cover the 61-note keyboard) and have brought the 4 leads out from the strips so they can be accessed. I agree with you about using 1 controller and have purchased an Audrino board. I'd also like to add Pitch and Modulation wheels and Octave Up and Octave Down buttons. What would you charge me to help write the code for this? Please let me know. Thanks! Bruce (
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Hi there... Had a chat with colleagues over coffee and somehow we got to discuss the Infinite monkey theorem. So I've introduced the subject and explained in my own words that if ridiculous number of monkeys over ridiculous t...
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I've recently gave a short intro to Typesafe Activator at Sydney JVM community meetup Motivation for the talk was my personal experience with Activator and how helpful it was when I wanted to dive into trying Play framework, ...
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How on earth did you do that? I really would love to learn how to convert a toy piano into a sythesiser just like the one you build.Because its so interesting man. Can you please make a youtube tutorial based on how to convert a toy piano into a synthesizer. please! I would like to learn from you so bad. That there is amazing. I would be happy if you teach me how to convert a toy piano into a MIDI Synthesizer, sire.
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