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Walking Away
I have spent much of my
adult life working as a college professor; I loved being in the classroom,
mentoring students and engaging in a spontaneous flow of knowledge. I say
“loved” because I am walking away. I am finished with academic life. It’s not

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Live by Your Work
A display of Carl Jung’s opus, The Red
Book marks the opening of the 55 th Venice Biennale’s The Encyclopedic Palace . The tome reflects Jung’s sixteen-year journey into the depths of his
unconscious in an attempt to reconnect with a primitive collective en...

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Ana Mendieta, Rock Heart with Blood , still from Super 8, color, silent film, 1975 Like a person in an ancient pose, I lean in an L-shaped
posture over the counter: flat back, rump displayed to any passer-by, blood
dripping down the back of my thighs. They ...

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What you Need to Know
Barbara T. Smith made her 1973
performance Feed Me in response to her experiences of being continually
harassed by men in her public and personal life. During the performance, Smith sat
nude inside a ladies’ room and accepted one person at a time into the p...
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