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Gentoo Studio
A professional audio workstation based on Gentoo Linux.
A professional audio workstation based on Gentoo Linux.

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The manual install guide for Gentoo Studio ( has been overhauled to reflect current Gentoo install practices. The guide has been simplified in some ways, and provides more detail in others. Basically, the guide is the same process I am using to create the overhauled stage4 tarball. The only differences will be that the stage4 installation will have some appearance options tweaked from the default plain-Jane stuff, and the tarball will have demos for various commercial software installed. The current goal from now on is to add to the manual install guide whatever I add to the tarball in the future, so that the differences between the manual install and stage4 install will remain cosmetic.

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Work has started on a rebuild of the stage 4 tarball. Instead of swapping out a hard drive on my laptop, I have installed an extra drive in my actual DAW I will use for this purpose.

The new tarball will use Xfce4 as the desktop environment, but you are always welcome to trash it in favor of something else once Gentoo Studio is installed.

This rebuild also gives me an opportunity to update the manual install guide.

At this time, I am requesting feedback on audio devices that do and do not work out of the box. For devices that did not work out of the box, if you can provide detailed steps you took to make your device(s) work, I will try to include that device in the tarball. You will need to have installed Gentoo Studio from the tarball, and not have used the manual install guide.

No deadline is set for the new tarball, but I will post updates.

Follow the link above to see a couple of pics of Gentoo Studio's new dev home (n00b l337 h0|\/|3).

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The July stage 4 tarball is now available and has some nice additions:

jack-audio-connection-kit was upgraded from 1.9999 to 2.9999 with the dbus and mixed use flags.

Qjackctl now uses jackdbus by default.

Cadence binaries were installed. You can now use either Qjackctl or Cadence to control JACK state and connections.

Renoise demo was installed.

Acrobat Reader was installed (documention for various programs sometimes come in PDF).

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June 2014 Tarball Update:

System upgrades, updates and fixes.

demo version of Harrison Mixbus 2.5. Demo will insert occasional short bursts of white noise into signal
ark (which can be called from PCManFM)

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FYI: I don't know what's up with the white background. I just updated Joomla, and the update broke something. I've posted to Joomla's forums and hopefully someone will have a solution.

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