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¡viva méxico!
I have been asked numerous times about my recent three day solo journey through Mexico City. That's right, solo. I went traveling by myself, and to anyone thinking of traveling alone, do it. Just go. You will never regret it. I arrived in Mexico City (CDMX)...

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About six hours into the first of many flights from San Francisco to Bangalore, India a few weeks ago, my left calf started to hurt. By the time we arrived at G's cousins' home in Bangalore, the pain had spread from my knee to my toes, which were now numb. ...

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does the +Bechdel Project tell us anything?

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pass the test
The Bechdel Test (est. 1985) Two female characters (named), Who talk to each other, About something other than a man. A few weeks ago I found myself telling a new acquaintance about a film I had just seen (It was Bridge of Spies and it had been about 3 mont...

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my dark day
For the may of us who have lost someone special, there are certain days of the year that make it hard to keep on moving forward, to keep on growing old. The deceased's birthday or the anniversary of the day he/she died is almost always harder for us than al...

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working for the weekend
Lately I have been inundated with certain ground-breaking announcements. This just in: working over 60 hours a week is not productive . Actually, it can become counter-productive. So stop working so much overtime. Don't give up your personal life for more b...

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A few months after I first got up on stage and told the sad story of the accidental death of my precious first pet, my cat Bella, I found myself yet again wanting to open up to a group of strangers regarding a second sad, yet slightly less accidental, anima...

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There are very few things as truly San Franciscan as Bay to Breakers. It's a 40,000 person springtime Sunday party, a race through the city, and Halloween all rolled in to one. San Francisco is Bay to Breakers and Bay to Breakers is San Francisco. I remembe...

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the end of the road
Veo al final de mi rudo camino, que yo fui el arquitecto de mi propio destino.  I see at the end of my rough journey, that I've been the architect of my own destiny. - Amado Nervo I feel pretty comfortable driving in Mexico. Actually, I feel comfortable dri...

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a place in the sun
La sangre sin fuego hierve.  Blood boils without fire - Mexican Proverb I've spent a little bit of time in Mexico recently. Actually, it's been quite a bit of time. Yet it's never enough. There are so many things I love about Mexico: the food, the ocean, th...
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