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Scott Wakeman
Agnostic. Atheist. BSc Information Systems. Avid user of Ubuntu since 6.06LTS; Current user of Ubuntu 10.04LTS and Ubuntu 12.04.1LTS. Google+ 1st Gen'r
Agnostic. Atheist. BSc Information Systems. Avid user of Ubuntu since 6.06LTS; Current user of Ubuntu 10.04LTS and Ubuntu 12.04.1LTS. Google+ 1st Gen'r

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Well, my first backing of a Kickstarter Project - and not my last. What a wonderful idea - at a great starting price-point. Not too fussed about the Stretch Goals, though keep 'em coming. This should have been a thing from the very start - an 'Out Of The Box' requirement.

I look forward to receiving it, if all things go to plan and they get shipped in December 2015.

Thanks +Android Police for the article that got me there in the first place []



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Atop Mt Victoria, Devonport :-)

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Merry Christmas Folk

Hope you've had a great 2013. Bring on 2014...

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It's Here!

+Carter Gibson and crew have launched the +The LittleBigFund . Take a visit (from the Desktop, Mobile browser optimisation inbound) to and have a look around :)

Congratulations to Carter and the team :) Don't forget to Circle The Little Big Fund.

To the Future!

Hashtag: #TLBF is live! Make a big impact to little charities
Check it out and donate now here:

The time has finally come! is live and open for business! We're featuring three amazing #LGBT organizations this month on a site that we know you'll love. Go read their stories, donate to create a big fund together, and then vote on which organization you think is most deserving of the fund. The one with the most votes receives the fund and you make a huge impact with only a few bucks. Crowdfunding and storytelling mix to enable charitable passions.

We've vetted these nonprofits, worked with them directly to tell their story, and will return a story back to you, our donors, with how the organization who received the fund used it. Your reward is knowing that you made a difference, not a tote bag. We facilitate the process. It's up to you to participate. 

Help us get the word out!
Today's a really important day for us. We want LittleBigFund to blow people away when they hear about how much we raised this weekend. We rely on you guys for that! This whole process is all about you. Whatever sharing and hashtagging of #LittleBigFund you can do (especially if you can't donate) will really pay off!

What's the LittleBigFund all about?
Read our launch press release here:


Wonder how long my first captured Portal will remain mine...


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This one is of my brother and I. Looking through older photos of when we were younger...

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That would be me :-)

On a trip to the UK, we even had Snow.

HashTag: #handmadeofawesome

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One to add to the Collection

Headache inducing time?


Time to Share some Google+ Lovin'

So, what's been with me?

Settled into a great place for work -- really enjoying myself [and hope my colleagues are putting up with me]. In fact, this is what has been keeping me away from any form of Social Media. That really has to change. Had plenty of compliments on the way to work, stuck in elevators, while wearing my Android Beanie - handing out +Handmade of Awesome cards where I can ;-) [+Julie Murray]

Ubuntu -- 12.04LTS fun. Using it to power a Media Station connected to my TV, and on another computer powering a 'router' that is able to monitor network use-age and tell me which of my internet devices is gobbling up the good stuff. Yet to use it on a day to day basis on my main computer -- I'm still with 10.04LTS for that one. Through no fault of Unity [Lovin' that too], just laziness on my part not getting everything backed up and moved over yet. [+Ubuntu]

Valve -- I'm not one for Steam, but I did thank Gabe for bringing Steam to Ubuntu [and Linux as a whole] by purchasing The Orange Box. Thanks Gabe. [Still not a fan, though. I have Steam installed for Skyrim only].

SETI@Home-- Will get an update on this one for you all.

NexusOne with ICS -- Oh yes. Lovin' Ice Cream Sandwich on my Nexus One. [+Android]

3D StereoGrams -- I'll upload some more headache inducers I'm sure :-)

I really have to keep in touch with folk on Google+. Thanks all my followers, it seems I've breached the 10,000+ mark. Doesn't mean much, though, if the person you are following hasn't kept in touch for over a month and a half... I aim to improve that going forwards :-)

Has it Really Been a Year?

It certainly has...

I believe I need to keep on posting :-)
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