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Creator, Educator, Fun Maker, Geek
Creator, Educator, Fun Maker, Geek

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Manifest what ever you want!
Some of you know that I am a Lucky Bitch, yes, that's right. I joined Denise DT's Lucky Bitch program years ago and love it. It is probably my most favourite program that I have signed up to and yes, I have signed up to many! Well, lucky for you, she has he...

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Kaizen Kitchen Bootcamp Is Back
I have had people asking me since last December when the next Kitchen Bootcamp will be (it's always in March). This year I've done a revamp, polished it up and made it all pretty! Also added some great bonuses for the bootcamp and Clear The Clutter. Bootcam...

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Harajuku - not as crazy as it used to be...
But still worth a visit if you ever visit Tokyo. When I first arrived in Japan it was the height of the cosplay kids and Elvis guys all hanging out in and around the station. You still see a few but it's not like it used to be.  This street too, which is st...

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Do You Want To Join The Club?
Which club is that? The In With A Boom Club of course! If you were looking at joining the mastermind but money was a stretch then this is for you... If you need: Help setting realistic and actionable goals A group of close knitted friends to bounce ideas of...

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Creativity Challenge - new paints
New Watercolour Paints! As we continue with out creativity challenge I decided it was about time I treated myself to some new paints. Or more accurately, some paints! All the paints I have bought in recent years have been for Ebi-kun really.  I have been fe...

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92% of working moms and 89% of stay-at-home mothers report feeling overwhelmed by work, home and parenting responsibilities

Are you one of the over worked and under appreciated,
worn out mamas?

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Maths Tricks To Teach The Kids
I was never a big fan of Maths at school, I had one great teacher at high school, she was that good that I actually understood everything she taught, aced my exams and got me into the top class the following year. That turned out to be my downfall because I...

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The Self Care Challenge is Back!
Due to popular demand I am running the self care challenge again, we kick off on Monday. Join the 5 day challenge to feel calmer, more energised and happier in just 10 minutes a day Easy and fun daily challenges and the Moms That Rock group for support, you...

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Being More Mindful About Creativity...
It dawned on me the other day that the reason I have been neglecting the blog a bit recently is because I usually get inspired to write from the photos I've taken. The photos are often something we have been doing, places we have visited, crafts and project...

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Heathy Snack Station Treats For Kids
Heathy Snack Station Treats For Kids As you know Ebi-kun has his Ebi-kun Eats show, so we always have an array of weird and wonderful snacks in the drawer. Generally he record a show a week and I don't want him munching on crap food the rest of the weeks so...
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