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Diana Bateman
Mom, Motivator, Public Speaker, Coach, Trainer, AirForce Wife, Independent Business Owner
Mom, Motivator, Public Speaker, Coach, Trainer, AirForce Wife, Independent Business Owner


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Great find: How to Live To Be 100+
There is a great find on I encourage you to check it out. It is a presentation by Dan Buettner and the title is How to Live to Be 100+ . Though I personally am not sure if I want to live to be that old, what I do like about this is that I want to l...

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Dropping major pounds and keeping it off
I would like to challenge the idea that losing a large amounts of weight is about 10% exercise and 90% nutrition. Though this is idea can get you far and it can alter negative behaviors, and certainly create huge changes. However, I believe that losing a la...

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A foot update...
Regarding A Run Gone Horribly Wrong , I will be having surgery shortly. Boo! The surgery is not on the sesamoid but just other complications. Otherwise the issues haven't held me back too much. I am still as feisty as ever. I am training up a storm and chal...

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Mind Numbing
Life can be overwhelming. Moving too swiftly, always plugged in to the pulse of something, and then there are the real cares required to maintain, such as our relationships, family, homes, and our own health. I have noticed and experienced that it is incred...

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A Run Gone Horribly Wrong
Last October 31 I was on a run to get training miles in. It was nine to ten in the morning. I was hurrying so that I could make it home in time for church and then we had plans for the evening. It was the only time I could get the miles in that day. But it ...

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Breaking The Mold
Recently I was mocked by a peer. A fellow personal trainer actually said out load that I am an "embarrassment to the fitness industry." The justification of the claim was because I am not skinny, I am "not as toned as a trainer should be." He said that I la...

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Let It Be
Have you ever had to wait for something that couldn't be hurried along? Did the waiting require sitting in complete discomfort of the unknown? Did the waiting require unrelenting prayer? At moments did you find yourself scrambling for any amount of control ...

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Poetry Corner: iDistracted
iDistrated Staring deep into the digital chasm he and she seek,                                     never
finding the connections                                                 or
answers they yearn for – Theses connections and answers live in real time fa...

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Wheelchair Boxing
One day after just finishing up working with client  at nearby recreation center, I happened upon a stunning site. Picture this: A man, mid to late 40's, and in a wheelchair. It appeared as though the curvature of his spine and lack of muscle strength in hi...

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Living By Design
Some things simply happen, other things we dream would happen, but everything else we make happen. This is called living by design. I intermittently suffer from panic and anxiety. It can be crippling at times. On days when it is really bad there is a level ...
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