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Growing Sales, Sharing Risk and Reward.
Growing Sales, Sharing Risk and Reward.

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We’ve said it time and again, but it’s worth repeating. SEO is a long-term strategy. Anyone who promises something different is not the right SEO firm for your business.  In fact, in the recently released “How to Hire an SEO” video, Google explicitly mentions how long it takes for a site to see improvements due to SEO changes. Read more and watch the video here.

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Do you know the benefits of installing SSL on your website? It not only makes the internet & websites safer, but may also help with search results.

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This post was updated on 3 Jan 2017 and is chock full of useful online advertising benchmarks:
* Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) by industry
* Average Cost per Click (CPC) by industry
* Average Conversion Rate (CVR) by industry
* Average Cost per Action (CPA) by industry

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Subtle changes to your pricing strategy can yield big changes to your bottom line.

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SEO is a constantly changing landscape. This article highlights eight trends to be aware of as we start 2017, including:

HTTPS is no longer just an option. Security issues aside, Google has confirmed it’s a ranking signal.
Social media will be an even larger referral traffic goldmine.
Mobile-first strategies have become a necessity.
Links will continue to be important, but they should be a by-product of excellent content.

Continue reading for details on these and 4 more SEO trends for 2017.

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Ever wonder why content marketing works well for some businesses but doesn't seem to do anything for others? Discover key factors that make the difference.

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According to recent research from Ascend2, marketers say creating relevant content is the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic. Results also show that it's the most difficult to execute. 

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For business owners contemplating selling their business, one of the many factors that can help them achieve their exit revenue goals is better and more cost-effective marketing. This includes their online presence, which starts with the company website.
Our partner at

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We agree: Email marketing is a powerful tool to encourage your audience to engage with content and to nurture leads in your database along the buyer’s journey.
Understanding the points made in this article will ensure that your email marketing is 2017-ready.

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Strategy => Content => Channel. This article reinforces the need for all marketers to understand the difference between a marketing strategy (what message are you trying to convey) and a marketing channel (what's the best method for conveying that message).

It also reinforces one of Sales Renewal's key beliefs that "there is no 'digital marketing' and 'traditional marketing.'" Sure, there are digital channels and traditional channels, but they all should be used to support the marketing strategy.
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