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Hungry Ghosts

Some obvious yet indispensable words of advice for anyone seeking to shoot the cholla cactus garden in Joshua Tree at night: don't wear sandals.  For whatever dumb reason I elected not to change into hiking shoes before shouldering my pack and heading into the garden.  For those of you unfamiliar with cholla cactus' let me fill you in they will do whatever it takes to sink their nasty, barbed spines into you.  They are vicious little bio-magnets covered with hundred of spines which, once firmly embedded, are super hard to pull out (after some experimenting I found using a tripod leg and the side of my other sandal works best).  They sink into you and then laugh.  In my defense no one ever explained to met that chollas also drop these round bombs of spines on the ground which wait like land mines to inflict great bodily pain on any sandal wearing idiot strolling through the garden.  So, of course, just as the peak light of sunset was coming on I managed to kick one and – wham searing pain shot through the outside of my heal.   For a half second I thought about shooting through the pain but a few shifts of my weight just pushed the spines ever deeper.   I laughed at my own stupidity as I clumsily removed the spines, confidently declaring that this wouldn't be happening again.  Fool me once, right?  Not quite.  One hour later while shooting twilight in nearly pitch black conditions I stepped right into another ground level cholla bomb--- HARD!  I can still feel that sickening, vibrating, ripping sensation from pulling those suckers out of my heal.  Most unpleasant... 

This image definitely is best viewed against a dark background and in a not too bright room.  Thanks!
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VERY cool scene.  Seems a bit greenish though.  And crazy story...i'll wear double boots when i get out there.  Yikes.
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Michael Bollino

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On my way to the Mojave desert of a week of shooting. Pretty psyched to shoot in some warmer weather after a long PNW winter. Here's an image I recently processed from my last trip to the desert last spring.
Lower Antelope Canyon
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Love the 'Chief' formation +Michael Bollino! 
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A more intimate look at all that Glacier National Park has to offer.
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Thanks for the memory, captured brilliantly, of some of the best days of my life at Glacier...on my way to the stunning Canadian Rockies.
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Michael Bollino

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Dark Mountain
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Breathtaking work the composition and light is just phenomenal, simply said " extravagant"
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Roan II

A second image from a great sunrise on Roan Mtn along the Tennessee/ North Carolina border.  I was very lucky with this one as a deep fog kept this ridgeline in wraps right up until the light got good.  Glad I stuck around!

Prints and other information are available through my website:
#clikelite    #landscape   #sunset  
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Very cool. What a spot to capture some great images.
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Michael Bollino

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The Head and the Heart

An incredibly beautiful sunrise during my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  The pre-trip forecast held nothing but blue skies but somehow a two day window of perfect clouds rolled in.  Kind of made me happy.... :-)

Also want to remind everyone there are two more days left to take advantage of my 30% spring print sale!  Head on over here ->
All orders placed before midnight Sunday night qualify.  Thanks for your support everyone!
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Michael Bollino

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Spring Special: 30% all prints
Starts today, ends Sunday 4/13

It is really feeling like spring here in Portland!  Temps are in the 70's, tulips are nearing prime, and the lush green that defines the lowland Pacific Northwest is making it's presence known.  To celebrate I'm offering my first (perhaps only) print sale on all of my images.  

If interested, head to, select an image which would look great on your wall, then email me following the contact link on my site, or directly at

Looking forward to it!
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Nice compo!
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Michael Bollino

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Have a great first day of spring! Another image from my recent urge to purge processed but not posted shots. Feeling the need to shed the past so I can stay focused on the future. 
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Beautiful :)
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Misty Mountain Hop

More spring cleaning as I attempt to finally post images which have lived in my "finished" folder for the last six months or more.
This was taken a couple of years back during a foggy morning shooting wildflowers on Mt. Rainier. The mountain never appeared, but there was still plenty of photographic opportunities.
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Lovely misty view of the lupins :)
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Michael Bollino

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The Spillover
Time for a little spring cleaning!  In two more weeks I head down south for my annual spring trip to the desert.   Going to some new locations this year, so I'm pretty excited.  Between now and then though I want unload a handful of images which I've processed but have yet to post.   Most are new, some are derivatives,  while others are reprocessed versions of earlier posts.   I hope to post an image every few days, instead of my usual one per week.  First up, a shot from Great Smoky taken on my visit last June.  

Prints and other information are available through my website:
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Photographer and educator | Portland, Oregon
What can I say.....?  I want to be outside, engaged in some way with the natural world.  One way to accomplish this is through photography. I've tried to rationalize why I take photographs, but at this point it's senseless.  It's just part of me, another way to go fishing in the larger stream of existence, to go beyond myself.  So, thanks for dropping by and spending some time on my stream!  


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