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Inner Sanctum

Not sure why it took me so long to visit Falls Creek Falls. After seeing it presented in countless images it truly lived up to his reputation as one of the most impressive and thunderous waterfalls in the Northwest. This scene is a bit less traveled than the more typical shots from the viewing platform. The trip was also my first springtime shoot this year and I can't convey how truly great it felt to back out in the lowland forests as they burst into their prime.

ISO500px has posted an article I wrote covering tips for shooting waterfalls such as this.  Give it a read if you have the spare time!
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Michael Bollino

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Winter's Passing

So long winter..... bring on spring!
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so beautiful!
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Michael Bollino

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After a handful of attempts I finally experienced just how fun it is to shoot sand dunes.  Sure I had a blast  on my previous sessions romping up, down, between, and around these mini-mountains of sand.  Everything about those experiences was stimulating to me as a photographer: the way light and shadows played together, textures everywhere, or how cresting a new dune provided completely new angles and worlds of possibilities.  But each and every time I walked out of the dune fields knowing my memory cards held nothing which spoke to me on a personal level.  The fact is I found photographing dunes to be challenging.  So this past December I once again headed into the dunes and, for whatever reason, things just clicked.  It turned out to be a highly productive evening and I probably walked out with three images from that afternoon/ night I enjoy.  

For this image I decided to stick around after shooting sunset, listening to music, waiting to see what would unfold as night descended.  Forty five minutes after sunset I shot the land portion of the image then proceeded to take a series of images of the sky as it further descended into darkness.  Those sky shots were  pretty decent and may have worked well as an early evening shot.  Then, just as  I decided it was time to call it a night, a faint ice halo began taking form around the moon, turning what was a rather ordinary night sky into something special.  I fired off a dozen or more images catching the interaction of the clouds and the changing intensity of the halo.  Capturing a halo which didn’t suffer from wide angle distortion required shooting it straight on and then blended it with the dune shots in post processing.  

Feel free to preview a few other images I captured during my trip to Death Valley in my New Releases gallery on my website:
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Michael Bollino

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Who's on Ello?  Let me know!  I just posted a sneak peak of a new image over there.  We'll see how far this Ello craze goes!
Ello is a beautiful, simple, and ad-free social network. The Ello interface supports posting and private messaging. Ello allows users to share images, video, text, and sound files in an elegant environment that makes it fast and easy to read, post, and search content submitted by friends. Ello does not mine user data and there are no advertisements. Clutter management tools help users filter noise and minimize unwanted content while helping users...
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They still haven't sent me an invite, so I've only looked around.

In theory it's a good thing, but as is, it seems pretty uninspired. :-(
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Michael Bollino

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Instant Karma

I've never thought of this location on Mount Hood as a great spot for summer shooting.  BUT in the back of my mind I knew an explosive sunset would light up the water to create something a bit magical.  I never chanced an attempt until this summer.  Probably the first time I made good on a concept for an image on my first attempt.  My excitement at capturing this display was dampened a bit once I got back home and realized I shot the entire event with my camera on mid-sized TIFF.  DAMN!  Made processing a whole lot more difficult.  

For those of you who may be interested Landscape Photography Magazine is running an interview with me in their September issue.  Questions covered a wide range of subjects including how outdoor experiences turned me onto photography, travel and trekking, balancing passion and family, etc.  Give a read and let me know what you think!
#clikelite #landscapephotographymagazine
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Maravillosa toma !!
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Michael Bollino

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Dark Divide

Between Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens lies the Dark Divide, an area of dense forest and high ridges full of incredible creeks and waterfalls. The Dark Divide is the epicenter for mythology surrounding Big Foot. I couldn't help feeling as though I had company while exploring this rarely shot area.

This and a few other new images I haven't posted yet are up on my <a website:
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must be paradise!!! Please i am tired of high tech noise of the world... I want peace... take me there! thanks
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Michael Bollino

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Last week I was lucky enough to spend a very long and very eye opening day with Brian Kibbons exploring little visited locations in Washington State's Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  To say the least, it was the most excited I've felt about shooting waterfalls and creeks in a very long time.  So much new ground to cover and explore.  This image was taken in the most spectacular waterfall location I've visited and may surpass any location I've seen in the Columbia River Gorge.  My mind was absolutely blown.  Brian, with his photographic memory, drove us down seemingly endless miles of forest service roads, screeching to a halt when I saw a small pink ribbon tied to a tree.  “This is our Spot.”  We grabbed our bags and bushwhacked down a steep and burly hillside for a while before popping out just down stream from this falls.  When I saw what we were heading for I just shook my head and started smiling.  Can't wait to get back into this area again.
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Love this image and spot! Want to photograph this one too lol...
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Michael Bollino

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Serendipity 2

This year’s flower season in the eastern Columbia River Gorge has been the worst I’ve seen in eight years of making the annual pilgrimage out there to shoot them..  It appears the Pacific Northwest’s insanely warm and sunny winter weather pushed the balsamroot much too early. Most are small or beaten up from wind so it takes a lot of searching to find patches healthy enough to use.  On this evening I watched the forecast closely as an unstable air mass cleared out-- the perfect setup for sunset color.  It poured buckets for about 40 miles on the drive out, creating a lot of doubt in mind about my choice to make a last minute dash to go shoot.  I was more than a little relieved to see the solid sheet of rain ease and the stratus layer break just a few miles from the trailhead.  In the end I was treated to one of the better sky shows I’ve seen in the eastern Gorge.  After a lot of running, and a bit of luck, I finally stumbled upon this little patch of semi-healthy balsamroot close to a character filled tree.  It made the whole trip worth it.

For those who may be interested, this month’s issue of  <a href="">Outdoor Photographer</a> contains an article on my photography.  Please feel free to wander on over and give it a read!
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+Michael Bollino Nailed it buddy. :) 
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Michael Bollino

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Looking forward to the upcoming spring shooting season!  This one is from early last fall and, even though it captures fall color, it somehow is making me think of spring.   
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Fantastic, beautiful pictures. I can look at them for days and never get tired of the beauty of nature!
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Michael Bollino

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Rainforest Fall

Spent a long day in the rain photographing in the Gorge a couple of weekends ago.  Color was hard to come by except for one location which was simply overrun with color (well, yellows at least).  
Better quality here -->
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These are so hard to capture.  Well done!
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Michael Bollino

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Landscape Photography Magazine has been kind enough to publish an interview with me in their September issue. The interview was fairly wide ranging, ranging from how I found photography through the world of outdoor experience, to world travel, to balancing family and ambition, to some thoughts on things such as photo contests. If you're interested please follow the link below and spread the word! Thanks!
Issue 43 of Landscape Photography Magazine. A digital and downloadable pdf photo magazine for reading on pc, tablet, ipad, iphone, smartphone and laptop app
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Congratulations Michael!
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Michael Bollino

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~Loowit Dreams~

Flowers, a brilliant night sky, and a volcano.  
Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument
#Clikelite   #night  
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So Killer bro! I need to work my image if this one day :)
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Photographer and educator | Portland, Oregon
What can I say.....?  I want to be outside, engaged in some way with the natural world.  One way to accomplish this is through photography. I've tried to rationalize why I take photographs, but at this point it's senseless.  It's just part of me, another way to go fishing in the larger stream of existence, to go beyond myself.  So, thanks for dropping by and spending some time on my stream!  


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