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Choking On Popcorn
Genocide Across The Middle East
It's a Sunni Versus Shia Shitstorm
by Jeff Prager

The moronic George W. Bush said, in Orwellian double-speak, they hate us for our freedom and democracy. They don’t hate us because we bomb them, invade them, kill them, destroy their way of life, culture, and infrastructure. They hate us because we are so good. How stupid does a person have to be... to believe this bullshit? [1]

Are Americans so severely propagandized by mainstream media terror central that they don't recognize that you have a greater chance of choking to death on popcorn that dying in a terrorist attack? There were at least 155 Americans killed by police officers in the United States in 2011. That means that you were more than 9 times more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist. Often times I find myself fearful of the police and their extremely brutal 21st century terror tactics.[2][6]

Are Americans so completely stupid that they believe this is all for “terrorists” whose sparse numbers require the FBI to manufacture “terrorists” in so-called “sting operations” in order to justify the FBI’s $3 billion special fund from Congress to combat domestic terrorism while at the same time incarcerating otherwise innocent and soemtimes mentally deficient victims?[3][4]

They don't hate us because we've pillaged their antiquities and secretly sold them to silent western billionaires and they don't hate us because we systematically murdered every single member of their educated academic class, the educators, the scientists, engineers, linguists, archeologists, physicists, we murdered the scholarly class of Iraq. Many 100s of them, over 500, systematically I said![5]

They hate us because we allowed our military to be used by HSBC, Goldman Sachs, BP, ExxonMobile, the IMF, World Bank and others to plunder and pillage their nations pitting Shia against Sunni in a Wahhabi-Salafi genocidal religious orgy. We're worse than genocidal. We're culture killers and orphan makers. We're skilled starvation and physical hardship creators, experts at inflicting both quick and silent deaths and slow, long, lingering horrors with depleted uranium, titanium, lead and other heavy metals. We're imposing a frightening and indescribable nightmare across the globe merely for resource related profits, with total impunity.

1. Washington’s Presumption. Obama: “In Satan We Follow”, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, May 8, 2013:

2. Calm Down … You Are Much More Likely to Be Killed By Boring, Mundane Things than Terrorism, Washington's Blog, Global Research, April 28, 2013:

3. Who Are The Terrorists, And Can You Know One When You See One?, William Boardman, Global Research, April 28, 2013:

4. Boston Bombing: FBI Responsibility for US Terror Plots?, Stephen Lendman, Global Research, April 26, 2013:

5. The Brussells Tribunal, Archive, Madrid International Seminar On The Assassination Of Iraqi Academics, April, 2006:

6. Black Cops Against Police Brutality, (B-CAP), May 8, 2013:

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School Daze

Home School, Charter Schools & Public Schools
Trends In Public Education
by Jeff Prager

I remember my early developmental years in elementary school, junior high and high school quite well. History was always a fascinating subject for my young and wide open mind although finding out that the stories I was told were mostly untrue at almost 50 years of age was of course disheartening. Columbus being a slave trading rapist was crushing. No more turkey dinners for this explorer. And the cherry tree thing? It's simply outrageous! No friggin' cherry tree. Outrageous I'm tellin' ya'!

Class Warfare is a major element of the United States' sociopolitical system in the 21st century and it's apparent everywhere we look. Never in history has Class Warfare been so blatant; today it's palpable–so intense that we can even feel it in the air. Anyone looking can see it.

After the events of 911, the current conditions surrounding GM foods and water fluoridation, the militarization of our police forces, bail outs and foreclosures, LIBOR and corporate and banking frauds, global drug sales, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Congo and now Mali and other countries of course, (this is the very short list) it's become quite obvious to those of us paying attention that those in power; those with the most wealth, control and influence, can pretty much do what the heck they choose and we, the people, have absolutely no say in what takes place no matter how horribly bankrupt or morally wrong it might be (you should be thinking of the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, war, millions dead, torture, bank fraud, etc.).

The system provides the illusion of participation where there really is none. It's impossible for hardened Democrats and Republicans to see this slightly abstract illusion so the system simply perpetuates itself (this presents a serious dilemma that probably won't be overcome for decades, if ever). It marches forward slogging double-back flips like Roger Miller singin' and strummin "Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug" (see: Roger Miller - Chug - a - lug (HQ) ). Thus, we have the 'Great Experiment', the American educational system in all its blazing downhill spiral glory.

And nowhere is Class Warfare more obvious than in the US public school system (that said, it might actually be obvious just about everywhere we look, more so to some than others I would imagine).

As of September 2012 the New Orleans Public School system was the only school system in the US with a majority of students educated in Charter Schools but this seems to me to be the direction the public school system is headed in.

Chicago schools can accommodate 511,000 students but only 403,000 actually attend school. Right now nearly 140 Chicago schools are more than half empty. Sections of the city have had the street lights turned off for lack of residents which has made swaths of Chicago an urban no-mans land. Homes are boarded and vacant. Many have been bulldozed by the city–flattened, demolished, orn down, raped–many have been torched by vagrants, addicts, gangs and criminals. Chicago is crumbling. So are many cities (see: "After 911" by Jeff Prager, pages 38-55, The Povertization Of America, 2010: )

Urban school districts around the country have been grappling with the issue of declining enrollment, according to a 2011 study on school closings by the Pew Charitable Trust. Over the past decade 70 large or mid-sized cities have closed schools averaging 11 schools per district according to the National Education Association, a labor union for school teachers.

Seventy districts at an average of eleven schools per district is 770 school buildings that were or are sitting vacant, unused, collecting dust. The entire US homeless population could be housed, protected from the bitter freezing winter cold and the blistering summer heat in just one or two of those buildings in each city but we all know they won't be happening. Helping the homeless wasn't listed on the US Stock Exchange last time I looked. Yet our educational system seems to produce homeless people nevertheless.

Chicago announced today (as in today, Friday, March 22nd, 2013) that they'll be closing 54 schools affecting 30,000 students.

I do want to say that Chicago has 472 elementary schools, 106 high schools, 96 charter schools and 7 contract schools (I don't know). 87% of Chicago school districts students are from low income families and the system has a fiscal year 2012 operating budget of 5.11 billion dollars to educate 404,000 students. The Chicago public school systems Operating Expenses Per Pupil are $13,078 FY2012 per pupil. Onward ...

Washington, DC closed 23 schools in 2008 and planned to close 14 more over the next two years. Philadelphia announced earlier this month that it would be closing 23 schools.

In 2010 Kansas City, Missouri closed 26 of the district's 61 schools.

In late 2009 the city of Detroit closed 29 schools. More were planned.

Schools have been closing across the country at an alarming rate while local city and state school commissions are authorizing unprecedented expansion of seats in charter schools (see: Philadelphia authorizes 5,000 charter seats at a cost of $139 million over 5 years: ). Philadelphia is proposing to eliminate 1 in 6 public schools with 9 schools located in just two zip codes. Racism anyone? Well, racism disguised as class warfare ...

Daniel Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, (one of the White guys in suits not worth the starch in their collar) stated that "the economy is expediting school closures" which is true.

School districts across the country are facing grueling budget pressures because their main source of revenue – property taxes – have declined precipitously as a result of the foreclosure crisis (is there a need for me to explain that the foreclosure crisis is an enormous fraud to recapture real property [real wealth] when global financial dollar markets collapsed?). I wonder ...

In March of 2010 Mr. Domenech also stated that, "As bad as things are now, we see they're going to get worse next year. But it's the following year which is really going to be hard."

Mr. Domenech wasn't able to see as far ahead as 2013 and this year seems to be on track to rival previous years. Maybe Domenech was employing wishful thinking.

As an example of the trends we're seeing, at their peak in the 1960s Kansas City public schools educated 75,000 students a year and by 2000 that figure had dropped to 35,000. But that's not all. By 2010 it halved again and Kansas City only educated a scandalous 17,400 students in 2010. This incredibly dramatic drop is a clear indicator that somethings happening in the homeland but it's a figure we don't see, right? Now we see it.

Education experts stated that no other school district has closed as many schools as Chicago has announced that they would be closing in 2013. Remember what Domenech said? Remember what I said?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's children attend private school and he himself was on a fun-filled skiing trip (where every fat-bellied, dual-citizen globalist should be) when this years closings were recently announced. What's kept neatly hidden safely under the subterfuge like a white rabbit in a black top hat is the introduction of and replacement of these closed public schools with publicly funded "charter" or "non-profit" schools. I'll leave the non-profit status for another essay, not that there's anything necessarily wrong with it on the surface.

NIMBY is a pejorative characterization of opposition, generally or most often used to describe a feeling held by urban residents, to a proposal or new legislative development because of it's locality. Projects like chemical plants, military bases, landfills, power plants, prisons and of course SCHOOL CLOSINGS are likely to be opposed by local residents who use the terms, "Not In My Backyard" to describe their position. Those opposed to school closings claim, "Not In My Backyard!".

As an aside or if you need a break, the term NAMBI means "Not Against My Business," BANANA means "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything," SOBBY means "Some Other Bugger's Back Yard" and then there's the CAVE people which means "Citizen's Against Virtually Everything" (just so you can keep up with 21st century acronyms).

School closings result in NIMBY protests by local residents. It's always possible that there could be one or two CAVE people at NIMBY school closing protests but most attendees will be Nimbies.

The American public school system is an absolute failure as a whole anyway, by design of course for those of you familiar with Iserbyt, but are charter schools any better? (see: "The Dumbing Down Of America by Charlotte Iserbyt)

Charter schools are the epitome of privatization of the public school system with continued socialization of costs (albeit with severe belt tightening, so-to-speak) and depending entirely upon their motives, funding (which often depends on the communities socioeconomic scale so wealthy communities generally do well, poor communities, not so much) and administration they might be better and they might also be just as poor and in some cases they could very well be worse.

I realize it's an extraordinary stretch of the imagination to envision anything in a worse state of affairs than the current government managed public school system so I'm just saying it's possible.

I'm not fond of the public school system by any means (I realize this might be hard to believe but stick with me anyway) and my daughter and I toured several charter schools in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-90s when she was a preteen (she's brilliant, but don't tell her) but she chose to stick it out and remain in the horrid public school system. She eventually dropped out of high school (who wouldn't?) and she's certainly a product of our government managed public school system. At almost 30 years old with two wonderful children of her own (one almost a teenager!) she recently asked me if 911 was a false flag event. I was under the impression most people across the globe already knew it was especially here in the US of A and I suppose I had fatherly high hopes that my daughter would be one of them. No such luck. That's the US public school system for you. Still, she's a brilliant consumer otherwise ...

I think it's inevitable that a large portion of the urban public school system will be converted to privately run, publicly funded charter schools. In wealthier communities we'll see Charter Schools emerge that operate on both public and private funds, perhaps with tuitions or fees of some sort.

Charter schools could, ostensibly, arrange for the cost of meals, dress code and books to be prohibitive to the average (today "average" is really "poor" but that's still yet another essay) parent with 2.3 kids. I can visualize wealthy gated-golf-coursed-country clubbed-majority-cracker-White communities developing such plans.

Over the coming years we're sure to see rapid, significant and often times remarkable changes in the American educational system so we should all resolve ourselves of that fact. We're already seeing a steep decrease in the instruction of music, theater, logic, rhetoric, linguistics, great books, languages and philosophy. These are parts of the Liberal Arts–the foundation of knowledge (see: Plato and Socrates) In fact, did they ever teach logic and rhetoric at all? Our children, as compared to those raised centuries ago (see: Plato and Socrates) are simply not as well educated. Statistics show that the average IQ in the United States has dropped measurably over the last 10 decades (see: Plato and Socrates).

Many of us living in urban areas across the country will find ourselves faced with little choice but to find a Charter school our children can attend. The alternative may be overloaded and underfunded public schools without physical education, theater, music, rhetoric or arts classes (there will, invariably, be further cuts in your own community). The classes may be far too large to accommodate individual student needs and thus ineffective at producing properly educated students prepared to tackle the real world (extremely difficult for even the best of the most educated among us).

Essentially, from my perspective, the US government has decided to wash its hands of education and dump educating the children of the civilian class on the alleged capitalist "free market" which is nothing more than a usurping system of wealth and resource extraction. Whether it extracts dollars or petroleum, your dollars or your oil (yes, all of that oil in the ground is really YOURS not Exxons!) it lives to extract. Extract, extract, extract. And let's not forget the shareholders.

Sure, if you reside in a wealthy community flush with property taxes and ripe with residents willing to contribute private funds your students will likely flourish in an environment conducive to learning. If not, not.

College tuition was, at one time, a pittance and today it's simply unreachable for most American families. That phrase, "when I was a boy ..." rings true because when I was a boy the cost of college was easily affordable for any state resident and now even state and community colleges are charging outrageous sums as a percentage of gross income (which, by the way, is the best way to judge an expense year to year).

It's going to be up to each and every one of us (those of us preparing to have children, that is) to decide whether we want to raise automatons; people who are designed to "fit" into the current system somewhere between nuclear physicist and hamburger flipper (with far more flippers than physicist positions available mind you) perpetuating the myths or are we going to raise cultured, knowledgeable, well-rounded and fully educated young people prepared to take on the world's ills along with it's fascinating mysteries, absolute horrors and awe-inspiring pleasures?

I think every person considering marriage and a family has a responsibility towards the children they intend to raise and I think all of us can respect that, right?

In 2007 there were an estimated 1 million 508 thousand homeschooled children in the United States which represents a 3% increase over 2003 (1,096,000). We should hope, for the sake of the country, that this increasing trend in homeschooling continues.

Some have said that the answer to 1984 is 1776 but I think the answer to 1984 is homeschooling. Spread the word.

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Christopher Rodia and Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook continues to walk on broken legs - A Nick Kollerstrom & Dr. Fetzer Essay Analysis
by Jeff Prager

Today Dr. Jamnes Fetzer will be discussing Christopher Rodia on the Real Deal Radio Show. You might want to listen to it. If you do, please keep the facts below in mind. I'm not happy that I'm forced to admit certain things below but they put this theory in perspective and I have no choice.

When people write about something they need to have, in some cases, first hand knowledge and in Dr. Fetzers referenced article the author lacks first hand knowledge, employs sensationalism and gets almost everything WRONG.

Christopher Rodia is being portrayed as a criminal who was "turned" because of his potential "serious jail time" for "7 felony charges" and is therefore somehow connected to the Sandy Hook shootings.

The CIA or some unknown intelligence agency enlisted Rodia as an operative. Personally I wouldn't enlist Rodia to shovel snow but that's not the point really. Let's examine this.

Rodia has 5 felony charges and 1 misdemeanor charge. NOT 7 FELONY CHARGES as the article Dr. Fetzer references states. That would be MY first clue that the article is sensationalized. Dr. Fetzer misses this.

*The author uses "7 felony charges" throughout the article and personally, I prefer to read articles by people that are capable of correctly counting to ten. The charge sheet image is posted as part of the essay so the author should be able to count the charges.

But does this also constitute "serious jail time" ?

The charges on July 28th of this year are:

1. Larceny 3rd degree
This is theft involving a retail value above $1000 in Connecticut

2. Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 3rd degree

3. Possession Of Narcotics
Based on the next charge one can presume that Rodia had pills that weren't in their proper container. This doesn't mean it was legal for him to have them and they were properly prescribed though they might be. We don't know. It does mean that he wasn't charged with "sales" because the number of pills he had was minimal or the next charge wouldn't be possible.

4. Failure to keep Narcotics in Original Containers

5. Criminal Mischief 3rd degree

6. The Misdemeanor - Criminal Trespass 1st degree

It's said that these charges mean "serious jail time" in the essay Dr. Fetzer references but is that true? No.

In 1986 I was charged federally with 50 counts of mail fraud (18 USC Chapter 63) and 1 count of Causing An Act To Be Done (18 USC 2 - Sec. 2).

I already had 2 previous marijuana felony convictions and a previous conviction for violation of probation, also a felony.

In the USA 96% of criminal convictions result from plea bargains. Trials are VERY rare. The prosecution always offers a plea bargain before trial, EVERY TIME, and in some cases, but few, they offer a second lesser plea if the first isn't accepted by the defendant. 96% of people accept the plea. This is how the system works.

I was offered to plead guilty to 1 count of Causing An Act To Be Done and received 5 years federal probation. I received NO jail time, had 3 previous felony convictions and this was, at that time, the largest office supply telemarketing bust in US history. My name is not mentioned but here's a link to the federal case:

Rodia is NOT facing "serious jail time" as the article suggests but Dr. Fetzer, I presume, would have you believe so.

Dennis Rodia, Christopher Rodias brother, 44, and his mother Lilli Rodia, 67, of 1 Gregory Blvd., Norwalk, were charged with possession of narcotics (40 bags of heroin and 61 pills), possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegal possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school and possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school. As you can see, these charges DO represent serious jail time because they're egregious (sales and school) and the two are being held in lieu of $100,000 bond as we would expect. Still, I'll suggest that the plea will be to a single lesser charge with minimal jail time or probation for Dennis and probation for his Mom. That's an opinion of course. You should be able to follow the case if you desire.

I've been convicted of felonies 6 times and I've NEVER spent more than 1 night in jail. I was released on my promise to appear ALL 6 TIMES. This is standard procedure in the court system for non-violent crimes.

The article Dr. Fetzer references also states that "and he was apparently released from custody just a few months ago on his own ““promise to appear”” (?) Really?" This is stated as it is because the author has likely never been arrested and the "(?) Really?" is added because the author is wanting to sensationalize the essay to draw people in to his fraudulent conclusions. The other option is that the author is a moron as you'll see as we examine this article further.

EVERY time I was arrested I was released on what's called a Personal Recognizance Bond which is essentially a promise to appear. I was released all 6 times after the initial arrest on my word that I'd appear on the court dates. So was Rodia. This is not unusual. Presumably he has fewer previous charges than I did and even after my 6th felony arrest I was released OR (own recognizance). The system is NOT designed to hold every human being charged with a crime. Only violent or especially egregious criminals are caused to post bail. Dr. Fetzer misses this also.

The article then states, "Lt. Vance is asked a question about whether or not Adam Lanza’’s mother actually worked at the school and he inexplicably starts to answer a question about the guy they may or may not have arrested in the woods behind the school. Does it sound like Lt. Vance is running on a tight script?"

Is That True? A tight script? Leading to images of a false flag?


The police officer avoided a question whose answer would mean NOTHING. Whether he answered the question "Yes," "No," or whether he didn't answer the question at all is MEANINGLESS. It matters little whether his mother worked at the school because we now know that she didn't even though it was reported incorrectly early on that she did. Avoiding this question proves one thing. He didn't yet know the answer or didn't want to answer it. For whatever reason he may not have wanted to answer it, it's still meaningless. There's nothing suspicious about not answering this question. Please, explain to me what the officer is hiding and how this leads to a false flag conclusion?

If this was a false flag the officer would have responded that the mother did not work at the school so that the story maintained consistency since it was already reported and corrected that she did not work at the school. Very likely he didn't want to answer a stupid question that had already been addressed repeatedly elsewhere.

It's already been established that Lanzas Mom didn't work at the school. This is not fodder for conspiracy.

The article goes on.

"But it is worth noting that often times when running a psyop, the Feds get someone who is facing serious time to do their little dirty work for them. In this case, an obvious drug addict facing 7 felony counts who’’s mother is facing 6 herself. Could that be motive enough to do something like this?"

AGAIN, it's 5 felonies and 1 misdemeanor NOT 7 FELONIES and these crimes are NOT anywhere even near enough to coerce someone to participate in the murder of 28 people.

The article gets worse.

"Those CIs are almost always in trouble with the law, charismatic people who can manipulate weaker people."

Would you characterize Christopher Rodia as "charismatic"? We don't know one damn thing about his character and it would require a psychologist or psychiatrist to make that kind of assessment but at face value, Christopher Rodia very likely lacks any and all charisma. Dr. Fetzer ignores this also.

And even worse.

"UPDATE: A reader, mangrove, found this view on Bing’’s earth view thingy. Seems like it could easily be the same car. I know there had been some question if the Google Earth app had the right home picked out. Seems like the same one posted on Bing."

Using a blurry picture of a home that the author admits may not be the right home of a car we can only see as a dark blur the author creates another spurious piece of "evidence" that no attorney or even civilian would use to support a theory. In the picture we can't even tell what kind of car it is. A dark blur. Dr. Fetzer is OK with using this.

It could easily NOT be the same car and very likely isn't the same car as you'll soon see below.

Then, this "juicy tidbit" (to use the same type of sensationalism):

"He was busted with a 19 year old girl. Lovely guy huh?"

The article FAILS to mention that this 19-year old girl is Rodias cousin, NOT a young kid this 42-year old man is having a sexual relationship with as the article infers.

He's not a dirty old man but hanging out with his cousin yet I'm sure you can see the sensationalism the article builds. AND the article fails to mention she's his cousin even after it lists 10 other relatives of the Rodias. Coincidence? NO. Sensationalism? YES.

Then we have a comment possibly posted by Rodia himself!

"this is chris rodia and you assholes have nothing better to do then to try and connect me to what may be the most evil crime in our life time....i got caught with 2 (two) 5mg percocet not in the correct bottle and you think i would commit  murder for that, let along 20 beautiful children,my prayers go out to the families of those angels and they have suffered enough,now you are making my family suffer and live in fear and there is no connection,the car in my driveway is not mine,its not even the same make or model...look it up"

Being that the comment states "2 5mg percocet" I will make the claim that the comment WAS posted by Rodia himself. Who else would know that? Time will tell.

Towards the end of the comments we have the following which, of course, everyone ignores including Dr. Fetzer.

Nikki Alexander, on December 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm said:

"One thing to bear in mind is that the radioman911 recording has mixed frequencies and includes the CT state police. You will hear many plate descriptions throughout that have nothing to do with Sandy Hook. That plate reading is not on the Fairfield County track. The radioman911 YEO plate description is at 0:30:19 at 10:05am. You don’’t hear it on this recording:

Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook School Shooting Timeline - Police & Fire Audio Scanner Feed 12/14/12

But you DO hear other on-site offcers giving details that are not heard on the radioman911 track. The photo of 872 YEO on the tow trailer is attributed to Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters. Maybe it was mis-tagged as Lanza’’s vehicle in the caption? It is raining in that photo and there is a house in the background. The weather and scenery doesn’’t seem to match Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The plate on the taped-off  black car in the fire lane at the school is fuzzy but it is definitely [is] not  872YEO.

THANK YOU Nikki Alexander!

Also, we have a long gun being removed from TWO DIFFERENT cars. Maybe some of you have seen these videos. An officer approaches a trunk alone, removes a rifle of some type and rapidly walks away in one of the overhead video and in another an officer opens a trunk, ejects a shell and examines a rifle with gloved hands with other people surrounding him. Two different guns. Two different cars. So it seems at this point. I've seen both videos but can't confirm positively that both are from Sandy Hook though it seems that they are.

NOTHING attached to Christopher Rodia is suspicious or leads to the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a false flag and in no way is Christopher Rodia connected to Sandy Hook. And believe me, there's no shortage of people believing the lies attached to Sandy Hook.

Worse, the article Dr. Fetzer relies on is sensationalized bunk from start to finish.

What does lead to Sandy Hook being a false flag is people using erroneous data and then sensationalizing that spurious and fraudulent data such that people that DON'T investigate these issues or don't know any better are led to believe LIES.

Dr. Fetzer is a very intelligent man. I have no doubt he'll walk the line on this issue refusing to take a particular stance while asking the questions he feels are necessary.

However, in light of the elements I pointed out above I consider it akin to fraud to even have this discussion since it's clear that Christopher Rodia has NOTHING to do with Sandy Hook. Maybe Dr. Fetzer will imply that this is what he's trying to point out? I think that's unlikely, but possible.

~ Jeff Prager

* I've posted the full article with the comments that Dr. Fetzer is using on his radio show today at Data File Host if you care to download it. Please, USE THE SMALLER DOWNLOAD BUTTON ON THE LEFT. The larger download button is an advertisement.

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I was on a web site this morning that has a link right at the top of the page that says, "Woman Claims Her Daughter's Pic was used for a victim" and directly below that is "Sandy Hook massacre: official story spins out of control" and I want to point out a few anomalies.

The first link implies that the Woman is claiming her daughters pic was used as a victim in the Sandy Hook event yet the pic was actually used by people on social media sites like Facebook who stole the image from her Flickr page so they could increase "likes" and "shares". One user received over 180,000 likes. Nevertheless, posting that title above the Sandy Hook story gives it some eye time and creates images in our head.

I've found Sandy Hook connected to almost everything but the moon landing. One post asked how Lanza could have blasted through a bullet proof glass window. Yet nowhere have I seen the school window Lanza shot through described as bullet proof and we all know schools haven't started installing bullet proof glass, yet. [1]

The same web page takes the words "smoke filled hallway" and extrapolates that to mean smoke grenades were used. Likely more than one. However, if Lanza fired an automatic rifle 4 or 6 times when he shot the principle and the second adult victim as he entered the school there would have been plenty of smoke in the hallway. Reality isn't at issue when fantasy will do.

We all know Lanza entered the school with a rifle because it was posted on December 15th, the day after Sandy Hook, at 11:44pm, by a reliable and local Connecticut source. About 38 hours after Sandy Hook. Which means everything AFTER that date and time is shoddy reporting or purposed propaganda.

If this complete explanation was posted to the internet at 11:44pm on December 15th, 2012, wtf happened? How did all the false rumors get started that Sandy Hook was a false flag? Who started them? Why? THAT'S what everyone should be asking.

People should be asking WHO started all of the false flag lies, the shoddy reporting, the misrepresentations and why?

Because Adam Lanza alone was responsible for Sandy Hook and everything that's been posted since December 15th at 11:44pm is where the false flag begins.

The Hartford Courant
11:44 p.m. EST, December 15, 2012

Adam Lanza blasted his way into the Sandy Hook Elementary School. He fired a half-dozen thunderous rounds from a semiautomatic rifle to open a hole big enough to step through in one of the school's glass doors.
Once inside, he had to make a choice.

Principal Dawn Hochsprung's office was straight ahead. To the right, 25 or so children were rehearsing a play in the school cafeteria. To his left were the first-grade classrooms.

Lanza turned left.

It was about 9:40 a.m. Friday. In just minutes, Lanza — a withdrawn, emotionally detached 20-year-old who lived with his mother and is said to have played graphically violent computer video games — would kill 26 people in the country's second-largest mass killing. Dead were 20 children, four teachers, the school principal and a school psychologist. Earlier in the morning, Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy, perhaps the only person with whom he was socially engaged.

Lanza shot himself as police arrived, sirens wailing.

Late Saturday, an army of police detectives continued to interview members of Lanza's family and others who knew him, searching for answers to innumerable questions — chief among them what could have driven anyone to such violence.

Several sources in law enforcement and elsewhere provided what they said was the most current information on how the events leading to the school shootings unfolded.

On Friday morning, as Lanza turned left, toward the first-grade classrooms, Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Scherlach, shocked by the sounds of gunfire and shattering glass, bolted into a corridor from a conference room across the hall from the classrooms.

He shot them both with the rifle.

The first classroom that Lanza reached was that of teacher Kaitlin Roig. Alarmed by the gunfire, she had hidden her students in a bathroom and closed her classroom door. For reasons that could not be explained Saturday, Lanza passed by Roig's classroom.

The classroom he chose to enter was substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau's, where he proceeded to systematically shoot everyone inside — the 14 children who investigators believe were huddled and clutching one another in fear, Rousseau and a special education teacher who happened to be in the room. Rousseau was filling in for the regular teacher, who was out on maternity leave. Rousseau had been teaching at the school for six weeks.
"There were 14 coats hanging there and 14 bodies. He killed them all," said a law enforcement officer involved in the case.

Lanza next arrived at teacher Victoria Soto's classroom. Soto is believed to have hidden her 6- and 7-year old students in a classroom closet. When Lanza demanded to know where the children were, Soto tried to divert him to the other end of the school by saying that her students were in the auditorium.

But six of Soto's students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room. Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto's students still hiding in the closet. They told the police what had happened.

The two teacher's aides who were killed were Mary Anne Murphy and Rachel Davino. It was unclear which aide was in which room when they were killed.

The first officer to arrive at the school found Lanza's body near the door of Soto's classroom.

The intense violence lasted about 10 minutes. Lanza fired at least three, 30-round magazines with deadly accuracy. Two of the people he shot survived. All of the victims were shot multiple times.

"I did seven (autopsies) myself with three to 11 wounds apiece," Chief State Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver III said Saturday. "Only two were shot at close range. I believe everybody was hit (by bullets) more than once."
Investigators believe that the violence began even earlier that morning in the 4,000-square-foot home on Yogananda Street where Lanza is believed to have lived with his mother. He hasn't spoken since 2010 to his brother, Ryan, or his father, Peter, who has a home in Stamford and another in New Jersey, the sources said.

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The LIBOR Scandal & Sandy Hook Exposed As Fraud
The LIBOR Scandal & Aurora Exposed As Fraud


~ by Jeff Prager

Neither of the companies these men work for (GE and FICO) has any obvious connection to the LIBOR scandal, the Senate Banking Committee currently has no hearings scgheduled on that issue and neither man was evver considerd asa potential witness in any such investigation.

"This rumor is 100% false," said a Senate Banking Committee aide.

A false rumor also spread rapidly on fringe sites like Infowars and assorted Ron Paul messageboards tying the school murders to an existing hoax surrounding the Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooting. After that attack, conspiracy theorists fixated on the accused shooter’s father, Robert Holmes, pointing to media reports that he worked as an anti-fraud scientist for credit scoring company FICO.

Somehow, a rumor surfaced online that Holmes was scheduled to testify before the Senate on the Libor banking scandal before the theater shooting. It wasn’t true: no such hearing was ever scheduled to take place, nor is there even an obvious connection between FICO and the Libor scandal, which involved a number of high-profile banks misreporting interest rates on transactions. But imaginative commenters across dozens of sites exploited the phony connection anyway, concocting a theory in which the hearing was set to reveal a massive new fraud scheme before being deliberately derailed.

Hocus Pocus.

In the case of Newtown, Peter Lanza, the alleged shooter’s father, reportedly also worked in finance as vice president of taxes at GE Financial Services. Within hours, the same online forums were asserting as fact — again, 100 percent without evidence — that he too was supposed to testify before the Senate regarding Libor. Like FICO, GE has no obvious connection to the investigation, which has roped in various other financial institutions. And once again, there is no “witness list” that includes Lanza because there isn’t even a hearing on the issue.

“This rumor is 100% false,” a Senate Banking Committee aide, who asked not to be named, told TPM by email. “The Senate Banking Committee does not have any LIBOR hearings currently scheduled, and has never considered either of these men as potential witnesses.”

Nonetheless, this fiction is being used to fuel a range of conspiracies, many of which suggest the attacks were somehow coordinated by shadowy elites in government or business to hide financial wrongdoing or confiscate guns. And they’re getting real traction from commenters at liberal, conservative, and fringe sites all over the Internet.

A libertarian blogger, Fabian4Liberty, posted a video, which already has over 60,000 views, outlining the Libor claim and that quickly spread across social media. A post referencing the video on claims nearly 10,000 likes on Facebook and an Examiner post detailing the bogus connection has quickly garnered over 7,500 likes.
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