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It's been a while since my last post or even last Reiki podcast.

I'm looking to get the podcast up and running again. I just wanted to get a quick opinion first:

How many of you are still actively watching this Google+ page. And how many of you would be interested in hearing a whole new Reiki Podcast?


Marc Sadowski

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The latest episode of the Simply Reiki podcast is now up. You can find it on iTunes or right from the site:

We will be recording an episode of the Simply Reiki podcast this Saturday!!! My voice is feeling much better now!

The latest episode of the Simply Reiki podcast is up on iTunes or you can visit the web site for a direct link/download of the audio.

About to start recording episode 3 of the Simply Reiki podcast.

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This will be the topic for the next show.

This is the official page for the Simply Reiki podcast and web site. Everyone is welcome!
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