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Been googling for a day, trying to find a theme that mimicks s6.... Anyone knows one? Have the phone setup already, as in icons etc, need the layers part. 

+King Khan​ waiting patiently for your mod. 😁😁😁😁

Would love that Adjusted Balance not show in Total Expense report, maybe an option for one to turn it off in settings will do.
Thanks for this great app.

Would love to have two things added if not too much to ask for.

1. A bookmark like feature for important information withing a chat so one those not have to search text or something like that.

2. Using  emoji one to make it much more cool and totally different (very cool and attractive).

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Seriously love this rom that i sooo much want to have it for i777 which i know is not officially supported.
had everything going during the build but then a little error log....wondering if anyone can help point me to what i am doing wrong?

link to error log

Looking to build for i777. The only problem is that it does not have -device_i777.
Anywayone willing to point me in the right direction as to adding the device?

Hoping slim heads up will be implemented soon, till then will keep flashing nightlies to check if added.

Until everything is back , running a different rom........just love pac-man but want to enjoy the latest updates and features ,the reason for being on custom rom

For sooo long i have been away from Slim Rom, now with my own personal port for SGH-i777 (kinda new phone) after trying out all the features with other roms, am back in business. Gonna miss NFC and floating app for a while though but with Slim...............Who Cares!

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This is one song that brings tears to my eyes each time i hear it play
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