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Smart, Bossy, Queen,

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Hey. Checking in. I'm totes bored. Exs is amazing. (friend I met)

It's my birthday!!!!!

Just went to see Madagascar 3! It was awesomely hilarious! It made a REALLY bad impression on French people and officers though. OH well! I loved it anyways! It was an awesome trilogy. It's a great family movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should!

Artemis is DEAD!!!! (just observing from the first two seconds and Nightwing saying "she's dead"

Watching new episode of Legend of Korra. Umbo is adorable! So is Ikki!
I hate Tarloc!

"And Korra's right! You are the worst chief of police ever!"-Tenzen

Instagram is amazing! If you have an iTouch, iPad, or iPhone and love taking pictures with them and LOVE your social life, GET ONE!!!

Just got an iPhone 4s! So cool!😍☺😊😃🌟💗💋

It's official Geek Pride Day everybody! Woo hoo!

Finished the play and got home like an hour ago! It was amazing! You're going to love it! Please come for our final performance on Saturday, May 19 at 7 p.m. (The Music Man) It is a hilarious play for the whole family. Look for me in the program.
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