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Ona Colasante
Doctors under Siege
Doctors under Siege


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A Certain Cachet
     I am not ashamed of my 162 felony convictions--because they are bogus.      I am going to start wearing a button on my blouse that says, "I have 162 felony convictions--and I'm innocent.  Something is wrong with our justice system!"      No one would g...

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Tallow Plums
     Look what I found along the edge of the woods!  Lots of soft plum-like fruits dangling from low bushes and strewn over the grass--tallow plums (Ximenia americana).  They have big seeds, and slightly astringent flesh, and are also known as hog plums or ...

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     This is the season to search for chanterelles.      They're little orange  mushrooms poking out from under the leaves and basket grass under under big trees.      It's pretty hard to mix them up with anything poisonous.      See:   http://www.thesurviv...

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Math Problem
     Here's what the government's prosecutor claimed at my sentencing:  that I had been "overpaid" by Medicare a sum that was greater than the total amount I had ever been paid in the first place, from 2004 to when I closed my clinic in 2013.      And that ...

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     Who has 162 felony convictions?  Anyone?      Come on.  When you hear that, you've got to be thinking:  something's wrong.      (Somebody wanted to kill a cricket with 162 slugs of a sledgehammer.)      (Actually, it was 210 slugs, but some of them mis...

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There Is Fiction in the Space Between
     We're always dichotomizing the world:  good guys, bad guys.      Just as everyone was eulogizing Nelson Mandela, I saw a blogpost that told me he'd been a monster, having innocent people murdered, putting gasoline-filled tires put around their necks an...

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At Last. Convicted and Sentenced: a Post-Mortem
     Where to begin?      Finally, I have permission from my lawyers to write in my blog again.  Here's my question.      What do you do when:           a) You're falsely accused by a whistleblower, who is followed like dogs in heat by the government's agen...

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     I was convicted of 162 charges, acquitted of 35, on Monday, May 2, 2016 at 4:30 pm.      The trial lasted 5 weeks.      The jury of 16, gleaned from 200-plus contestants, was pared down to 12 for the decision.      One juror posted snoring icons on her...

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12 (Angry?) Men (and Women)
      12 Angry Men is one of the best films of the 20th century.      Every one of the actors went on to achieve stardom fame.      What makes the film superb is its replication of the average American jury, character by character, based on personality type...

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A Decent Society
     "What is a decent society?  A decent society is one whose institutions do not humiliate people.  A civilized society is one whose members do not humiliate one another."                                                                       Avishai Marga...
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