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Berkeley Home Technologies
High efficiency HVAC and solar power system for your home.
High efficiency HVAC and solar power system for your home.


This winter has been pushing the record books with the extreme and lasting cold. Are your oil, gas or electric bills getting extreme too?? BHT can help. We offer boiler and furnace burner conversions from oil to natural gas (gas rates are much lower per unit of heat right now). Or we can design and install a Fujitsu ductless heat pump. The Fujitsu system operates at very high efficiencies and allows the owner to set the temperature in each room. Make the living areas comfy and turn down those areas that dont get used much like spare bedrooms, bonus rooms and basements. By reducing the heating in those "unused" spaces you can reduce monthly utility bills. We can also assist with damage from the cold weather such as burst pipes or cracked radiators. Did you know?!?! Solar PV likes it COLD. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules perform better in cold clear weather. The silicon material can convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently when the modules are cooler. So when the air is frigid and we are frozen stiff your electric meter can be hoppin' along backward. Give us a call 304-671-0055 or email
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