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All around tech fanatic!
All around tech fanatic!

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Tiled is a very cool program for adding settings or apps to your Nougat notifications.

Tiles made it to AndroidPolice 20+ Apps that use and augment Android Nougat's Quick Settings Tiles!
( by +Rita El Khoury.

And it is awesome!

Tiles is a project I have been working on since June 2016, a project that grew a lot thanks to the users feedbacks, ideas and suggestions.
Tiles is a project I work on every single day trying to write a better app, answering emails, giving away promo codes, improving the support and localisation and much much more.
It is my most beloved application. Two reasons why.
1 - I use it every single day multiple times a day.
2 - I enjoy working on it.
But again, Tiles grew a lot since the first release, dated Jun 27, 2016:
- G+ post:
- xda thread:

There is something about this AP post that really hurt me:
"N Tiles is one of many apps that let you personalize tiles and assign different actions to them, but from my tests, it's one of the easiest to use while still packing a lot of functionality. The app's best feature is that it lets you toggle different types of tiles on and off, so you don't clutter up your Quick Settings tile list with plenty of options you will never need. As for the available tiles, there are many including taking a screenshot, adding quick reminders in a smart notification "Quick Reply" manner, shortcuts to any app on your device, and more. The immersive mode enabler and advanced reboot tiles require root."

- Same name, but with an N in front.
- Same colors.
- The on/off tile logic was in Tiles since release 1 (and has been lovely noticed by JR Raphael in this computer world article here: - "a thoughtful touch that keeps your Quick Settings editing screen from being overrun with options you'll never use") .
- The quick reminder has been implement in Tiles since the middle of September 2016. G+ post:

I know it might sound like I am wining and complaining, but I am just a little sad and I hope you understand why.
If you care, drop me a line.
Thanks again everybody for all your support and help

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It would be foolish of them not to.

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How about a half off price point on Note 8 to those with S7's as an apology? Something kind of like South Korea? It's like being given a loaner car permanently after a recall.

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Yes, I love 3D. My desktop with Nova Launcher and Pebbles icon pack...

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Wall for your s7 edge.
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Finally found the screen protector for my S7 Edge! Very easy dry install, no bubbles, easy clean HD and case-friendly with my Spigen heavy armor/air cushioned case! Add my Am Pen Stylus -- all found cheaply on Amazon -- and I'm good to go!

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