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#MusicMonday with lyrics! You better watch out for a #Voodoo #Moon 

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#WatchingWedesday - Want a glimpse into the real life journey of a musician? Listen to one of Rocky's Road Trip series and have a great laugh! #RoadTripStories #Band #Guitar 

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#TuesdayIsBluesday with Lyrics = #TexasStyle #Guitar
I heard you moved to Colorado,
That might be far enough away.
Guess it all depends on one thing,
Whether or not you stay.
So long...
Hope you’re a Long Time Gone.

You said you wanted something better.
I'm glad you found it somewhere else.
Cause I want someone that wants me,
Not someone thinking about themselves.
So long, so long...
Hope you’re a Long Time Gone.

Don’t think that I miss you.
Don’t think that I care.
Don’t ever look back,
Cause I won't be there.

I don't mind it that you left me,
And took everything I had .
Cause you were making me crazy,
So I guess it's not that bad.
So long, so long....
Hope you’re a long time gone.
So long... so long,
Hope you're a long time gone.

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#MusicMonday - Turn it up and SHARE the music! 

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#FlameTopFriday is brought to you by my friends at +Epiphone Guitars Thank you, Epiphone, for this killer 59 Sunburst. This baby ROCKS! #Guitar #Texas +GUITAR WORLD +GuitarManiaEU #TheLastGreatBluesbreakerGuitarist 

#ThoughtfulThursday - Don't be afraid to rock the boat once in a while. If someone falls out, then obviously they were never meant to be in your boat in the first place. #RockTheBoat ⚓
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