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Jonathan Briggs
This is not the guy you are looking for. Move along. Move along.
This is not the guy you are looking for. Move along. Move along.

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When Toshiba advertises their Micro SD card is UHS class 3 they mean it exactly:

mmcblk0 0.00 8128.00 0.00 59.00 0.00 30208.00 1024.00 141.08 2542.92 0.00 2542.92 16.95 100.00
sdb 0.00 0.00 232.00 0.00 29696.00 0.00 256.00 0.18 0.78 0.78 0.00 0.59 13.70

That's from iostat during a 50 GB copy and the mmcblk0 device is writing at 30208 kilobytes per second, +/- a bit.

Code and technology is independent of politics. So is math and science. It works or it doesn't, independent of the politics of the author.

So to people telling the moderators in tech forums that they "have to take a stand" on politics is stupid. No, they don't. Keep the discussion on the tech, ignore the distractions.

I would take code contributions from Hitler as long as his code was useful and he stayed on topic.

Well, #gnome-online-accounts it was nice knowing you, but your bugs have not been fixed and I have given up on them ever being fixed.

I don't even use them for anything so no loss deleting them. Chrome or Thunderbird handle the email and calendars already and accessing Google Drive files through Chrome has always been faster and more useful.

The final straw was once again 50% CPU usage by goa-daemon because of some Evolution brain damage.

Wow, #bash people. Or #Fedora packagers. What's the deal with this?

> $ cat /usr/bin/alias
> #!/bin/sh
> builtin alias "$@"

So, /usr/bin/alias is a shell script that runs the "alias" builtin. Yay. But completely useless since alias only works in the current shell.

And there's more apparently: cd, ulimit, umask, unalias, fg, bg. None of which do anything useful as a shell script.

Ah, #Gnome engineering.

Where the Gnome Online Accounts tool cannot access the secret storage, but pretends everything is fine.

Where Evolution cannot access Google accounts, so it spams the Google authentication servers at 10 Kbps. Forever.

So none of your online accounts for email or calendar actually work, but nothing notifies you that there is a problem. No, no, everything is fine here.

#Linux when I tell you to suspend. I mean it. Suspend!

# cat /etc/systemd/logind.conf

#GCC's -march=native is a nice idea.

But using it as a default flag in source code distributions? Please take that idea, fold it up real small and burn it with fire.

It ruins VM migrations. Simply copying a binary from one #Linux machine to another becomes fraught with risk. It is just a really bad idea all around.

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I am again amazed at how dumb computer builders can be.
Take Prime95 and Intel Skylake. It uses new instruction sets that put a lot of heat on the FPU. So, lower that overclock right?
No, their advice is to not run Prime95.
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